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Colorforms® Makes TIA's Top 100 Toys of the Century!


List Criteria: One or several of the criteria described below were used to determine the toys featured on this list.
  • Longevity in the Market: Through the years, this toy has survived various fads and trends in the marketplace and remains a top seller and childhood favorite.

  • New Play Pattern: Introduced a new way for children to play through creativity and innovation.

  • New Technology: Advanced and new technologies were incorporated into this toy, creating a product that was new to the industry and inspired children through creative play.

  • Sales: This toy resulted in outstanding sales and a strong consumer
  • demand.

  • Trend in the Industry: A new trend in the toy industry began as a result of this product.

  • Impact on Industry Children: Product impacted the types of toys that followed as well as the children who played with them.

Roll of Honor - Key Highlights
  1. Dr. Toy, "Top Vacation Products" for Colorforms® Fun Pockets®
  2. Dr. Toy, "10 Best Toys" for Colorforms® Toy Creator™
  3. Parents Choice, "Classic Award" for Original Colorforms Set
  4. Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award, "Outstanding Achievement in Toys" for Silly Faces™
  5. Parenting Magazine, "Toy of the Year" winner for Colorforms - Toy Hall of Fame inductees.