Map Mystery Translation




For all these years, I have been held against my will.  So, I have taken your treasure, which I dare you to find.  I shall leave you clues, and if you are clever enough you may recover your treasure in time to buy the pharaoh.  To find it you must cruise THE NILE.  And land your boat at the SPHINX.  From this point travel NORTH 1400 CUBITS and go to the tomb of NEFERTITI.  After you have paid her homage go due WEST to the TEMPLE OF LEARNING.  From the CORNER of this PYRAMID travel WEST 1400 cubits to the PYRAMID of MENKAURE.  Take the CAUSEWAY to the GREAT WALL.  Go 700 cubits and leap off.  Travel 200 CUBITS DIRECTLY SOUTH and you will find where the treasure is hidden.  Now you can BURY THE PHARAOH!