Map Mystery Translation




The secret scroll of Atlantis key to the treasure! Time unceasing again day, again night the world continues turning, tidal waves crash, volcanoes erupt on beautiful ATLANTIS now burning. In the TEMPLE OF POSEIDON the ancient SCROLLS are hidden. But when the waves smash with fierce and unrelenting force, quickly the treasure is moved to the Temple of the SEA HORSE. The primeval force surges, trapping us in its raging hell. Razed is the Temple of the Sea-Horse, but the treasure is saved to the Temple of the SHELLS. Lightning! Wind! Fire! The earth cracks we must not fail! The treasure, the ancient SCROLLS escape in the belly of the WHALE. The leviathan soars to the shores OF THE NILE and our story is saved. In MIRROR reflection, PLATO reveals the legend to the world the treasure of Atlantis.