Dream Decoder Kit Instructions


Dream a little dream!  You can use your Dream Decoder Kit to record, understand and influence your dreams. There are many different ways you can do this.


Decorate your Dream Journal

You can decorate your Dream Journal with the special glow-in-the-dark dream poetry stickers. The stickers are repositionable so you can decorate and redecorate your journal over and over again. To see your poetry glow-in-the-dark, simply expose the words to light for a minute, then turn out the lights and watch them glow.


You can also decorate your dream journal with dry erase markers (not included). You can write words or draw pictures and then use a tissue or soft rag to erase the markings and try it all over again. Note: Don’t put the dream poetry stickers over the top of the dry erase markings. It will ruin the stickiness of the words.


Record Your Dreams with the Light-up Pen

Take the cap off your pen and place the pen on your nightstand. Open your dream journal to a blank page and place it on your nightstand near the pen. At night, when you wake up from a dream, grab the pen and journal, push the button on the top of the pen to turn on the light and write down your dream in the journal. When you are done, turn out the light and go back to sleep.


Decode Your Dreams with the Dream Decoder Guide

In the morning, after you have recorded your dreams, look up the images from your dream in your dream decoder guide to learn what the dream means. Dream images are listed alphabetically. If you can’t find the image you are looking for, try looking for it under a different name. If it is not listed at all, chances are the image has no alternative dream meaning. It is what it is. Write your interpretation of the dream on the same page below the dream. (It is fun to look back at your interpretations in the future.)


Influence Your Dreams with the Scented Moon Pillow

Use the mini paper pad to write down what you want to dream about. Then, insert the mini paper into the pocket of the moon pillow. Place the moon pillow under your own pillow and go to sleep. When you are drifting off, try to think about what you want to dream about. When you wake up at night or in the morning record you dream in the dream journal. If you don’t dream about what you wrote down the first night, try it again the next night, and the next night.


10X More Fun Ideas and Activities

Use your 10X More Fun cards to have 10X More Fun with your Dream Decoder Kit. There are 10 ideas for fun and unique ways to use the contents of your Dream Decoder Kit. PLUS there are games, puzzles and fun facts for even more fun.


Dream Analysis Examples

Dream: I was walking down the beach with my friend and we saw a ship with pirates. The pirates got out and started to chase us. We ran into the jungle and then it turned into my backyard. We went into my house and started listening to music in my room.


Analysis: Beach – Expect difficulties in reaching your goals.

Friend – Feelings for the friend in the dream are the same as in real life.

Ship – Represents your immediate path in life. Note the condition of the ship and the water.

Pirates – aka Robbers – You will experience a loss.

Chase – aka Running – Symbolizes how you deal with unpleasantries. Note how running makes you feel.

Jungle – You are feeling lost and confused.

House – Symbolizes your inner spirit. Pay attention to the condition of the house.

Music – Symbolizes the condition of your friendship. Note how much you like the music.

Room – Symbolizes an aspect of your personality. Note the condition of the room.


There is something in your life that you are striving for, and it is going to be difficult to achieve. The ship in your dream was a pirate’s ship so its design was complicated and it was a little rundown. However, the water was calm and blue which means you aren’t paying much attention to your path in life. So, even though the path is complicated it’s going to go pretty smoothly. The pirates or robbers mean you are going to experience some sort of loss (maybe associated with the difficulties you are experiencing in reaching your current goals). You are running away from the pirates, which makes you feel better. You sometimes feel a little lost and confused (jungle), but your inner spirit is stable and secure (your home). You are enjoying your relationship with your friend (you are enjoying the music). Your room is colorful and bright, giving it a cheery feel.  This means you have a cheerful personality.



Dream: You are at school when all of a sudden rats start pouring into the classroom. All the kids are running around screaming. Then a big rat jumps up onto the desk and starts talking to the class.



School – You are anxious about being put to the test on something. You fear you are not good enough.

Rats – A friend or acquaintance is undermining your credibility.

Screaming – You are in need of a release from stress.

Talking – aka Speaking or Speech – Symbolizes your confidence. Note the surrounding conditions of the speech.


There is something going on with your friends where someone is undermining your credibility or telling stories or lies about you. You feel you are being put to the test on how to deal with this, but it is very stressful and you are in need of a release. Since the rat is speaking and not you, you are not feeling very confident.

Changing the Battery on Your Light-up Pen

To change the battery on your light-up pen, unscrew to top of the pen (opposite the writing tip). Take out the three Button Cell LR44 batteries and replace with new ones. The batteries should both face in the same direction with the flat part of the battery facing up. Screw the top back on and click to turn on.



This product is intended for entertainment purposes only. University Games does not claim that any item or any information in this kit has any basis in fact or reality. It is meant as a toy and should only be used in this manner.


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