Fortune Telling Kit


Have fabulous Fortune Telling fun with your friends.  We’ve pulled more than 15 different fortune telling activities for you and your friends to explore.  The instructions are below.  Prediction: Loads of fun are in your future!


Crystal Ball

Set Up

Create your own crystal ball in three easy steps. 

1.  Design your base.  Use your markers to create fun and colorful designs around the base of the crystal ball. 

2.  Build the stand.  Insert the round notched end into the slit at the other end of the base to create the completed stand.  (Be sure to insert the notched end so the notch sits on the inside of the base when finished.)

3.  Create the ball.  Take the two sheets of clear cello filler and loosely crumple each one into a ball.  Hold the crumpled sheets in your cupped hands for 30 seconds and concentrate on filling them with your aural energy. Then place each crumpled sheet into a half of the crystal ball and snap the two halves together.  Place the ball on the base and you are ready for your first reading.


Reading the Crystal Ball

To read the crystal ball, have the Enquirer (the person you are reading it for) sit opposite you with the ball in the center.  Clear your mind of all thoughts and concentrate on looking into the ball.  Have the Enquirer blow gently on the crystal ball. Be patient and continue to stare at the ball until you either see images or colors.  The images may not be clear so you use some creative interpretation (see example below). The colors in the ball all have meanings:

White – good times ahead

Dark gray or black – bad times ahead

Green – money

Blue – school or work

Red – anger

Yellow  – love

Orange – health


Example:  You are staring at the crystal ball and you see an inner glow of green. You also see an image of a knight riding on a horse.  When interpreting the colors and images you must remember that the images you see are not crystal clear.  You will need to use your intuition to interpret them.  The horse and knight image could mean that the Enquirer will be going to a festival with knights and horses, and will spend a lot of money there.


Tarot Cards

Customize your own deck of tarot cards.  Use the pens in the kit (or your own) to illustrate the meanings of the cards.  This kit is meant to give you an introduction to tarot card reading, but will not provide a full education on the complex meanings behind tarot cards.


Understanding Tarot Cards

The deck is divided into two areas:  Minor Arcana and Major Arcana.  Minor Arcana are made up of four suits:  Cups, Wands, Coins and Swords.  (Sometimes Wands are called Staffs, Rods or Staves. Coins are sometimes called Pentacles.) 

ä     Cups symbolize emotions, creativity, affection, romance, etc. 

ä     Wands symbolize day-to-day activities like school, work, household stuff and communication. 

ä     Coins represent assets like money, possessions or social status.

ä     Swords represent actions, conflicts or problems.


Within the Minor Arcana there are the court cards.  These include kings, queens, knights and pages.  The kings represent mature men.  Queens represent mature women.  Knights represent younger men and pages represent younger women or children.  When you combine the court cards with the suits you get the following:

Cups Court Cards – People who affect our emotions

Wands Court Cards – Wise, logical people who work and communicate well with us.

Coins Court Cards – People with a lot of common sense who can fix things and give advice.

Sword Court Cards – Dynamic people who are stimulating and can offer great professional advice when needed (teachers, doctors, etc.).  They can also be aggressive people who make life difficult.


The Major Arcana

These cards tend to symbolize major changes, events and turning points in people’s lives.  These are strong cards that can mean great turmoil when several of them show up in a reading.  These cards include: The Magician, the Highest Priestess, the Emperor, the Hierophant, the Lovers, the Chariot, Strength, the Hermit, Wheels of Fortune, Justice, the Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, the Devil, the Tower, the Star, the Moon, the Sun, Judgment, the World and the Fool.


Reading the Cards

There are many different ways to read tarot cards.  Here are three to get you started.



Have the Enquirer shuffle the deck of the tarot cards and concentrate on a question she wants answered, or an area of her life she wants insight into (romance, academics, family life, etc.). Next have her cut the deck and give the cards back to you.  Deal the cards from the top of the deck.


Past, Present and Future

The easiest way to read tarot cards is by using the three cards Past, Present and Future method.  The deck is shuffled and cut. The Reader deals three cards from the top of the deck and lays them out in a line. The first card represents the past, the second card represents the present and the third card represents the future.  For the past card, the meaning of the card reflects something that happened in the past that affects either the Enquirers current situation or a future situation. 



Another way to read the cards is to have the Enquirer write down seven categories each on a separate piece of paper (math class, friends, money, family, etc.). Place them in a straight line.  Then, after the Enquirer shuffles the deck, deal out seven tarot cards and place each card in sequence on top of the each piece of paper. The tarot reading should be applied to the category on the piece of paper. 



Answer to the question

After the deck is shuffled lay out seven cards in a triangle, then place one more in the center.

Text Box: 3-6 months
Text Box: 6-12 months







The cards on the bottom (1 and 2) represent what is going to happen to the person from now to the next three months.  The cards on the right side (3 and 4) represent what is going to happen to the person three to six months from now.  And the cards on the left side of the triangle (cards 5 and 6) represent what is going to happen to the person in six to twelve months.  The card in the center (7) represents the answer to the question.  The reason for two cards is that they both represent what is going to happen; however, the top card is the stronger card and may overshadow the bottom card. (On the bottom of the triangle, the left card is stronger than the right card).


Tarot card reading takes years of practice, so stick with it and over time and lots of reading you will master its complexities.


Decision Dice

There are many different ways that you can make predictions with the decision dice.  The most common ways are outlined on the cards.  Other ways include: 

1. Rolling only one or two dice at a time on a category map, instead of rolling three. 

2. Assigning times to each color of dice.  Red is past, green is present and blue is future.

3. Keep the dice in the pouch, ask a question, pull out a die. The number facing up is the number to use.

You can also customize your decision dice: 

  1. Instead of making a circle with categories, like the one on side two of the cards, make a 5-pointed star, or a daisy.
  2. Make up new categories to go inside the circle or shape, like classes, days of the week, girlfriends, or boyfriends.
  3. Make up new meanings for the numbers.  Make the new meanings work for your new categories.


Fortune Teller

Your kit comes with a pre-folded fortune teller (some call it a cootie catcher) and removable stickers so you can customize your cootie catcher hundreds of different ways.  Here’s how it works.  First place the four stickers, one on each square of the top of the cootie catcher. 







Text Box: Fortune
Text Box: Fortune






Text Box: SadText Box: Nasty










Text Box: Silly


Text Box: Fortune
Text Box: Fortune




Next put four themes on the top and bottom triangles, and four themes in the left and right triangles.





First place four stickers, one on each square of the top of the fortune teller. 




Text Box: Happy









Slide both of your thumbs and forefingers inside the pockets behind the squares on the top of the fortune teller.  Inch your fingers into the top corners until all fingers are touching each other through the paper.  Spread your fingers and thumbs apart and then close it back up again.  Now pull your right thumb and finger away from your left thumb and finger and then close it up again.  This is the basic movement you will need to use for the fortune teller.  It’s called flapping.  A move from the center out and back to the center is one “flap.”  Now, have someone pick one of the squares (red, blue, green or pink.)  You spell out the letters of the color they picked, moveing one flap for each letter.  Next have them choose one of the words on the inside of the fortune teller. Count out the letters of the choice with a “flap.”  Do this three times. After they’ve made their third choice, open up the paper on that choice and read the fortune inside.


You can further customize your fortune teller using your dry erase marker to write on the paper.  You can even combine the stickers with your own writing. (Don’t put the stickers over the writing or they will lose their stickiness.  Always put them on a clean surface.)


The Hypnodisk

Make predictions with the Hypnodisk or even try hypnosis. 

To make predictions, spin the disk and stare at the center point of the spiral for about a minute. Try and keep the disk spinning at an even rate.  While you are staring at the disk think of a yes/no question you want answered.  After a minute, look away at something else.  The object you are looking at will be moving.  If it is moving outward the answer to your question is “yes.”  If the object is moving inward, the answer to your question is “no.” Between questions, switch the hypnodisk to your other hand to keep the psychic energy balanced.


To do hypnosis, hold up the disk in front of a friend and spin the disk. Have your friend stare at the center.  Try to keep the disk spinning at an even rate.  Tell your friend to relax her body and mind as she stares at the disk. After a minute or so, say the following in a slow relaxed manner: 

“Take slow deep breaths and focus on filling your lungs.  As you exhale, feel all of the tension leave your body.  With each deep breath you will relax deeper and deeper.  Keep breathing deeply and relax your body.  You will start to gain control over the subconscious part of your mind.”


When your friend seems very relaxed you can ask her questions that her subconscious mind might know.  She will be able to answer you.  You can even make suggestions like, “You will smile more often,” or “You will no longer eat chocolate cake.”  Remember to make these suggestions in a slow relaxed tone.  (Only make one suggestion per hypnosis session).  Make the same suggestion a few times in a few different ways, and then you can bring her out of her hypnotic state.  Say the following:  “I am going to count backwards from five. When I reach one, you will be alert and feeling good.  Ready? 5,4,3,2,1.” 


Remember, with hypnosis you can’t make someone do what they normally wouldn’t do when they aren’t hypnotized.  For example, you can’t make someone spit on a teacher if they normally wouldn’t do it.


Fortune Telling Cards

The cards in the kit give you more than 12 different ways to fortune-tell. 


Handwriting Analysis

One way to gain insight into a person’s character is through handwriting analysis.  Here are some examples of famous people’s handwriting:

     Babe Ruth               George Washington          Marilyn Monroe       Napoleon Bonaparte


Analysis:  Babe Ruth’s signature is very clearly written.  He must have been honest and reliable.

George Washington’s signature is pretty clearly written; however, it is also a little flowery.  He must have been honest and reliable but with a bit of an ego.

Marilyn Monroe’s signature is complex.  It is large and flowery, but also compressed.  There are also lines running through the signature.  She had an ego but was filled with self-doubt.  She also may have had an inferiority complex.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s signature is also complex.  It is very compressed and somewhat threadlike.  He had an inferiority complex but was also intelligent and clever (but not particularly diplomatic according to the history books.)


People’s characters are very complex and handwriting is just one way to gain insight into a person. A person’s mood can change from day to day and so can a person’s handwriting. Make sure to get several samples of handwriting over a period of time to get a more accurate analysis.



Palmistry is a fun way to read your friends’ fortunes.  Here are a few examples of palms along with their fortunes:

Line of Fate


Line of Fate

















Line of Health













  1. The heartline is long and deep.  This person is possessive and jealous.  There is a pronounced line of health which means the person will have some health problems.  The headline moves across and downward which means the person has a lively mind with many interests.  The line of fate is straight and unbroken, so the person will have a successful, untroubled life.  The lifeline doesn’t fit with any of the categories which means the life will be relatively smooth.
  2. This palm has a heartline that starts between the index and middle finger.  This person’s life will be filled with love and friendship.  The headline is broken which means the person has diverse interests.  The line of fate ends on the heartline which means sacrifice is needed for love or duty.  The lifeline has many small branches running upward. This means the person will have good health and prosperity.
  3. This person’s palm has a very short, faint heartline.  The person has a limited capacity for love.  The headline is sloping which means the person is into music, poetry and art.  The line of fate has chainlike sections meaning there will be unhappy periods in his/her life.  The lifeline has a branchline to the middle finger which means life will be a struggle for this person.



Numerology consists of breaking down significant dates or names into a primary number.  Here is an example of Britney Spears’ numbers and what they mean:


Born: December 2, 1981

Birth number:  1+2+2+1+9+8+1 = 24 = 2+4 = 6

Birth number represents a person’s true nature and basic personality:  She is responsible, protecting, nurturing, sympathetic, and community oriented.  She has a strong love of family and is reliable and romantic.  She can be obstinate.


Name Number:  2+9+9+2+5+5+7+  1+7+5+1+9+1 = 63 = 6+3 = 9

Name number represents a person’s achievements:  She is a humanitarian, giving and selfless.  She is a fighter who is active and determined.  She usually succeeds after a struggle, but she can be accident prone and quarrelsome.


Simple Fortune Fun

You can have all sorts of fun with simple fortune telling.  For example, there are many variations of the game MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House).  Instead of doing a circle you can do a star, flower or even an octagon.  On each side you can add more fortune telling options such as the number of kids you’ll have, your career choice, social status, etc.  You can even choose more than four options for each (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House, Mobile home, Castle, Condo, Treehouse, etc.)


Tablet of Fate

You can use the table shown on the card to perform fortune telling.  You can also make your own larger version.  Cut out a circle about six inches in diameter.  Draw segment lines and numbers on the circle.  (You can even decorate it any way you want to.)  You can consult the table with your relationship questions in the same ways as shown on the card, or you can try it a different way:  Place your tablet on a table over a newspaper or magazine.  Push a pin about halfway through the center of the tablet.  Hold your index finger on the top of the pin and spin the tablet.  Close your eyes and concentrate on your question.  Then firmly place your finger on the spinning tablet to stop it from spinning.  Open your eyes and see where your finger landed.  That is the answer to your question.


You can make your own tablets with your own answer keys.  Here are two examples of different types of tablets you can make:





















This product is intended for entertainment purposes only. University Games does not claim that any item or any information in this kit has any basis in fact or reality. It is meant as a toy and should only be used in this manner.


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