Secret Message Kit™


Got a secret? Keep it a secret with your Secret Message Kit. Use your kit to send cool secret messages to your friends in more than 20 top secret ways. 


Secret Writer Pens

You can write messages back and forth to a friend using the Secret Writer pens. There are two pens in the kit and each pen has a “Write” and “Reveal” side to the pen. You write the note in invisible ink with your pen. You pass the note to your friend and she reveals it with her pen. The ink in the pens is invisible so if your note gets snatched away by a nosy neighbor, it will look like just a blank piece of paper.


Secret Agent Rings

These fun and fashionable rings are the perfect way for you to carry secret information around with you. Keep your locker combination, phone numbers, important dates or even names you don’t want to forget. Write a note on the mini notepad paper, fold it up and put it inside your ring. You can pull out the information whenever you need it. You can also pass the information to your friend and it won’t look like you are passing a note. It will look like you are just giving your friend a cool ring to look at.


Secret Lockets

Your can hide things in your secret locket too! Put in pictures, poems, drawings or even top secret messages. Write a secret message on the back of a picture. Place the picture inside the locket. Pass the locket to a friend so she can “look at the picture.” When she opens the locket she can pull out the picture and read the information on the back. If anyone sees, it will look like you are just showing your friend the photo locket. Very sneaky!



You can hide notes in secret places for your friends to find later with your Hide-a-Note box. Write a secret note to your friend and place it inside the Hide-a-Note box. Determine where you are going to hide the note. If you hide it on a metal surface use the magnet. If you hide it on any other type of surface (plastic, wood, etc.) use one of the foam stickies to attach the box to the surface. Place the box in a concealed place – under a desk, behind a computer, on the top of a locker, under a railing, etc. It should be somewhere that won’t be noticed by anyone, or accidentally bumped off. It should also be a place that is easy for your friend to find. After you’ve hidden the Hide-a-Note box, tell your friend where you’ve hidden it so she can retrieve it and read the message.


Secret Message Cards

There are 8 cards with more than 16 different ways to create secret messages. The instructions are on the cards, but here are few more examples for you to practice. The answers are at the end of the instructions.


Secret Writing (Letter Rearranging)

1. Riddle (Reverse Sentences): “buzz buzz” syas dna wolley dna kcalb si tahw?

2. Answer (Word Scramble): a ebubml ebe yflnig sbrcwaakd.

3. Riddle (Respacing): Wh atd oy ouc allaf ai rywhoh asn’ ttak enab ath?

4. Answer (Reverse Sentences) llebreknits.


Secret Writing (Word Rearranging)

5. Riddle (Writing Backwards): winter the for South fly birds do why?

6. Answer (Message Split)








7. Riddle (Vertical Writing):

What the A

Animal most? yak.

Talks Answer:



8. Riddle:     D + +D   N+  -T + A’s -Sh ?


Signal Codes

9. Answer:  (Use Symbol codes to spell out “AN ARKITECT”)_


Hand Signals

10. Your friend catches your eye in math classes and performs this series of actions:

hair, ear eye, nose, lip.

What is she telling you?


Speaking in Code

11. Riddle (Yum Yum Speak): Whum-at wum-ord sum-tarts wum-ith “e” and-um ends-um wum-ith “e,” bum-ut onum-ly hum-as one-um lum-etter?


Sign Language

12. Answer: AN ENVELOPE (sketches of hands doing the letters)


Hidden Messages

13. Riddle: Hi Shelly, I was walking my dog Harley yesterday afternoon and I saw this green thing on the side of the road. I stopped and looked at it and it was someone’s math folder. All of their algebra homework was in it and some class notes. I didn’t recognize the name. It was like Peter or something. I don’t think it was from our school. Anyway, I left it there in case he comes back for it. I hope he finds it. Call me later when you get home from school.  -Keri


Number Codes

14. Answer: 20, 8, 5   18, 15, 2, 2, 5, 18    4, 21, 3, 11, 25


Code Names

15. What is the secret code name for Susan King?

Favorite Candy: Whoppers


16. What is the secret code name for Erin Conley?

Favorite Candy: Red Hots


Morse Code

17. Riddle: Why don’t pigs drive cars? (written in dots and dashes)



18. Answer: They’re road hogs. (written in Braille)


Symbol Codes

19. Riddle (Circle Signs): What do whales like to chew? (written in circles signs)

20. Answer (Moon Writing): Blubber Gum. (written in moon writing)


Crypto Codes

21. Riddle (Querty): Viqz ol q dgljxozg’l yqcgkozt lhqkz?

22. Answer (One-Off): Tljo ejwjoh.

23. Riddle (Random): Ydhx eonoj sw h dseeca?

24. Answer (Backwards): Yfikov.



25. Scared bird, 3+1, pre-dinner, yesterday’s tomorrow.




  1. What is black and yellow and says “zzub zzub?”
  2. A bumble bee flying backwards.
  3. What do you call a fairy who hasn’t taken a bath?
  4. Stinkerbell.
  5. Why do birds fly South for the winter?
  6. Because it’s too far to walk.
  7. What animal talks the most? Answer: A yak
  8. Who designed Noah’s ark?
  9. An arkitect
  10. Meet me at my locker.
  11. What work starts with “e” and ends with “e” but only has one letter?
  12. An Envelope.
  13. Who steals the soap in the bathroom?
  14. The robber duckie
  15. Susan King’s secret code name: Whopper Stinkiedoodie.
  16. Erin Conley’s code name:  Red Hot Jerkybumble.


  1. Why don’t pigs drive cars?
  2. They’re road hogs
  3. What do whales like to chew?
  4. Blubber gum.
  5. What is a mosquito’s favorite sport?
  6. Skin diving.
  7. What color is a hiccup?
  8. Burple.
  9. Chicken for lunch today.





This product is intended for entertainment purposes only. University Games does not claim that any item or any information in this kit has any basis in fact or reality. It is meant as a toy and should only be used in this manner.


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