Spooky Stories™



Object:  To discard all of your tokens.


Set Up:  Punch out the tokens from the platform.  Divide up the tokens evenly between the players (set aside any extras).  Each player places their tokens face up.  Divide the cards into two piles: Ominous Intros Cards and Spine-Tingling Snippents Cards, and place in the center.


To Begin Play:  Each player takes on Snippet Card from the deck.  The player whose birthday is closest to Halloween goes first.  That player (Reader) picks up an Intro Card and reads the top passage on the card.  The person to the Reader’s left must choose a passage from his/her Snippet Card and tie it into the story.  (The player should embellish as much as s/he wants in order to make the passage fit into the story.)  The story must make sense, although it can be silly.  Play passes clockwise.  Each player’s turn should last no longer than one minute.


Losing Tokens:  To discard tokens, players incorporate the pictures on the tokens into the story.  Each time an object on a token is mentioned, that token is placed in the center of the table.  A player may only discard one token during his/her turn; however a player may discard more than one token during another player’s turn.


Gaining Tokens:  If a player says something that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t follow the Spooky Story plot (as determined by majority vote), that player must take a token back from the center of the table.  If a segment is droning on too long, the other players can elect to cut that player off.  If this happens before the speaking player has integrated a passage into the story, then that player must pick up a token.  (If there are no tokens in the center of the table, the player doesn’t have to take a token.)  The play passes to the left and the story is continued.


Ending a Round:  The story ends EITHER when all players have had a turn (use this rule with 5 or more players) OR when players have used at least 3 of the passages on the cards in their hands (use this rule with 4 or fewer players).  To start a new round, the player to the left of the Reader picks a new Intro Card and begins a new story.


To Win:  The first player to discard all of his/her tokens wins the game.


Note:  When all of the top Intro passages have been read, start reading the bottom Intro passages on each card.