Truth or Dare™


Object:  To collect points by telling the truth, doing some dares and taking some chances.


Set Up:  Tear off the extra flap from the platform.  Insert the spinner arrow into the center hold in the platform piece.  Grab a pen and paper to keep track of your points.  Decide whether you will play the top or the bottom set of challenges on the cards.  The person whose birthday is closest to today goes first.


Game Play:  The first player spins the spinner and reads the first challenge (i.e., Truth, Dare or Do You Know…) from a card.  The player decides whether s/he wants to play or skip.


Decide to Play:  If the player does the challenge successfully, one point is awarded.  If unsuccessful, no points are awarded.  The group decides.


Truth = 1

Dare =  1

Do You Know = 1 bonus pass (These can be used to skip a challenge penalty free.)


Decide Not to Play:  If a player decides to skip a Truth or Dare challenge, s/he loses a point – unless a bonus pass is traded in.  There’s no penalty if a player has 0 points and chooses to skip a challenge.  Bonus passes held until the end of the game do not count toward the final score. 


Play proceeds counterclockwise.


Winning the Game:  The first player to collect 10 points wins the game.