Spinner Books

20 Questions



The object of the game is to show off your smarts by correctly identifying well-known mystery topics through a series of clues.


Starting the Games

The youngest player spins the spinner and says, “ I am a ________” (Person, Place, Thing or Year) as shown on the spinner. Then youngest player then becomes that Person, Place, Thing or Year for the first round of play and is called the Reader.


Getting a Clue

The Reader must now flip to the start of Round One, find the correct category (Person, Place, Thing or Year) and read clue number one aloud to the group.

            After listening to the clue, the player to the Reader’s left (a.k.a. the Guesser) has 10 seconds to guess who the Reader is. (Players may only guess when it’s their turn.)

            If the player guesses correctly, s/he scores one point. The player to the Reader’s right becomes the new Reader.

            If the player guesses incorrectly, the Reader reads clue number two (found on the next page) aloud to the next guesser. Follow the icon to easily find the correct clue on the next page. Play then continues in a clockwise direction.

If a Reader spins and lands on a category that has no more unplayed topics remaining, then s/he must spin again.


Tip: Even if it sounds silly, just say it. There is no penalty for an incorrect guess! And statistics show that you have no chance of winning if you don’t make a guess.


Winning the Game

The first player to score 8 points wins the Round! Start a new game in Round 2 or wait until you play 20 Questions again.


Playing on Your Own

You get to be the Reader and the Guesser! Keep track of how many clues it takes to guess the correct answer. Get 8 topics correct in less than 80 clues and you’re a winner!


For added fun play the 20 Questions Fact or Fiction Bonus Round. Bonus Round can be found at the end of each section!