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To be the first player or team to solve 7 mysteries or score 7 points.



First things first:Grab a pen and paper to keep track of your points. If handy, grab a small mirror to help decipher the 30 Second Mystery solutions. (Found at the bottom of each page.)


The youngest player spins first to determine the type of mystery to be solved (i.e. Who, What, Where, or Why) and reads the first Case and Mystery from that category out loud to the group. This player acts solely as a reader and may not play until the next round. The player to the left of the Reader gets the first clue-and the first to stab at solving the mystery.


If a player guesses the mystery incorrectly (or doesnít have a guess), the player to his/her left gets the next clue and may then try to crack the case. Play proceeds in a clockwise fashion.


If a player guesses the mystery correctly, s/he earns a point and the player to the Readerís left becomes the new Reader for the next case in the same category. Do not spin again until each player has read a mystery to the group.


Once all players have acted as the Reader, it is time to spin again! The player to the left of the last person to spin now spins to determine the type of mystery to be solved. S/he is the first reader for this round.


Tip: Donít forget to jot down the number of the last mystery solved in case you spin the same category more than once-which is likely to happen.



First player to guess the mystery scores 1 point. If a player solves the mystery without hearing any clues, s/he earns 2 points.


Winning the Game

The first player to score 7 points wins!