Spinner Books

Blast from the Past



For 1 or more players!



Put on your pop culture cap, blast to the past, and be the first player to earn 15 points!



Fact or Phooey?: Tell which statement are fact or phooey.

Hot or Not?: Put on your hot pants and guess which fads were hot and which fads were not!

Raid Recall: Test your trivia know-how through decades.

Order Up!: Put pivotal events in the order they happened from earliest to latest.

Hit Parade: Think vinyl. Think eight-track. Now, get ready to sing some old favorites.

Dead or Alive?: Guess who was still talking and who was done walking within the given decade.



First things first: grab a pen and paper to keep track of your points.


The youngest player is the Reader for the first round and may not play until the second round. The Reader spins to determine the decade (i.e. ’60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, or ‘90s) and reads the first question from that section to the player on his/her left.

            If the player guesses correctly, s/he receives a point for that topic and play continues in a clockwise direction.

            If the player guesses incorrectly, play continues in a clockwise direction. There is no penalty for an incorrect response.


Play continues in a clockwise direction with the Reader reading the next player a question from the next category in the block until all questions on the page have been asked.

            (For example, if there are three players, the first player gets Fact or Phooey?, the second player gets Hot or Not?, the third gets Rapid Recall. Then, the first player gets Order Up! And so on …Got it? Good!).


Don’t worry if one player gets the opportunity to answer more than one question-the advantage will shift with each spin!


After all the players have answered a question, the person to the Reader’s left takes a spin and is now the Reader for the next block of questions.



The first team to collect 15 points is the winner!



Spin, flip to the first page of the round, and read the topic questions from the appropriate section. Don’t forget to keep the answer covered with a bookmark!


If you guess correctly, give yourself a point and spin again. If you guess incorrectly, take away a point. If you have no points, simply continue playing.


Collect 20 points in twenty minutes or less and you’re a winner!