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How It Works

While many games challenge your memory of obscure fact, Game of Knowledge gauges how much attention you pay to the world around you. The game features hundreds (and hundreds!) of questions based on knowledge drawn from-and relevant to-everyday life.


So, as you play, listen carefully…many questions provide hints or clues to help you draw on your knowledge and jump-start your brain! You may be impressed at how much you already know - and how much you can learn from the Game of Knowledge.



To be the first player to win one point in each topic, or collect 10 points all together.


The Way to Play

First things first: grab a pen and paper to keep track of your points.


The youngest player spins first and is the Reader for the first round of play. The Reader now flips to the first block of questions in the book and reads a question from the topic spun (i.e. Fame, Nature, Media, Our World, Sports, or Science) to the player on his/her left.


If the player guesses correctly, s/he receives a point for that topic.


If the player guesses incorrectly, play continues in a clockwise direction, with the Reader reading the next player the next question in the block. (For example, if the first player gets Media, the second players gets Our World, the third gets Sports, and so on…Got it? Good!).  There is no penalty for an incorrect response.


After all the players have answered a question, the person to the Reader’s left takes a spin and is now the Reader for the next block of questions.


Winning the Game

The first player to win one point in each topic, or to collect 10 points all together, is the winner!


Playing On Your Own

Spin, flip to the first page of the round, and read the topic question from the appropriate section. Don’t forget to keep the answer covered with a bookmark.


If you guess correctly, give yourself a point and spin again. If you guess incorrectly, take away a point. If you have no points, simply continue playing.


Collect six points in twenty minutes or less and you’re a winner!