A Dragon Land Adventure Game





-          Game Board

-          4 Playing Pieces

-          4 six-piece puzzles

-          4 puzzle solution sheets

-          Dragon Tales spinner card with spinner

-          Instructions


The first player to complete a puzzle picture of a Dragon Land character and jump up to shake his/her dragon tail wins the game.

First Time Set-Up

  1. Assemble the spinner
  2. Separate the puzzle pieces.  Place the puzzle pieces face down next to the game board and spread out the pieces to form a puzzle pile.
  3. Punch out the 4 character playing pieces and place each one on a stand.

To Start

  1. Each player picks a playing piece and chooses the puzzle picture he/she will try to recreate.  Each player will recreate his/her puzzle on the puzzle solution sheet.
  2. Players spin the spinner to determine who goes first.  Highest spin wins.
  3. All players start on the magic dragon scale (Start).  The first player (highest spinner) must spin the spinner and say “I Wish, I Wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart!” and then move the number of spaces indicated.  Play rotates to the left with each player saying the phrase above, spinning the spinner and then moving the number of spaces indicated.

Winning the Game

The first player to complete his/her puzzle and jump up to shake his/her dragon tail wins the game.