The object of the game is to be the first person to name words in the various categories.  The winner is the first person to get to the finish line and win the FINISH ROUND.



  1. Shuffle card deck and arrange cards face down.
  2. Position game board and card deck so that each player has a good view of both.
  3. Players select a playing piece and place pieces on START square.
  4. Roll the die to determine which player goes first.  (Highest roll wins.)
  5. Elect one person to be “in charge” of turning over the ASAP letter cards.



  1. First player rolls the die, then moves his playing piece to the appropriate CATEGORY square.
  2. S/he then announces the category to the group.  An ASAP letter card is turned over.
  3. The first player to correctly name a member of the CATEGORY starting with the corresponding LETTER goes next.
  4. Player rolls the die, moves to appropriate category square and play continues.  If the Solution Book states “none found”, then a new letter card is turned.  There is no penalty to any player.
  5. At any time, if an answer cannot be found, consult the Solution Book.  If an answer appears in the solution book, the player who landed on the category square must move back 2 spaces and play continues on the new category.
  6. LIGHTNING BOLT.  When a player lands on any Lightning Bolt square, s/he may move double his roll on the next roll of the die.
  7. In any given game, the same answer cannot be used more than once.



    1. In case of dispute over correct answer, a dictionary may be consulted, an arbitrator may be appointed or players may vote.
    2. For further reference, the Solution Book is included.  It is intended to give you and idea of whether an answer is possible within that category.  However, the Solution Book does not list all possible answers.



First person to reach the Finish must then complete the FINISH ROUND.  FINISH ROUND: Player chooses any category on the board, the next alphabet card is turned over and player must win that category.  If player does so, s/he wins the game.  If not, s/he stays on FINISH square and may try again when and if, s/he wins another round.  (More than one player may be on the FINISH square at one time.

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