BIONICLE® The Quest Game


The Island of Voya Nui is under attack.  The evil Piraka gang has enslaved the island’s Matoran inhabitants with its virus balls and is now on the hunt for the powerful Mask of Life hidden within the island’s core.  If they find it, the BIONICLE® universe will be destroyed.


Choose a Toa hero and take up the Quest to find the Mask first.  Be ready to go to battle along the way.  Hakann, “the Bully,” is lying in wait for you.


The future of the BIONICLE universe is up for grabs!  Find the Mask of Life and save Voya Nui.




Double-sided game board of Voya Nui                     50 Quest Cards

6 moving pieces (exclusive Toa Inika figures)            Piraka target with plastic stand

Protodermis ball launcher with Zamor sphere  Die


Object of the Game


The object is to be the first player to reach the Mask of Life (marked Finish on the board).




  1. Place the game board (folded so that the side with the six Toa Inika figures faces up) in front of all players.
  2. Shuffle the Quest cards and deal two to each player.  Players should keep their cards face down in front of them (they will be able to read them later in the game).  Place the remaining cards in a stack to the side of the board.
  3. Place the Piraka target in its red plastic stand approximately three feet from the game area.
  4. Place the Protodermis ball launcher and Zamor sphere to the side of the game board next to the stack of Quest cards.


Playing the Game


  1. The game board for BIONICLE: The Quest Game is two-sided, representing both the topography and the underground interior of the island of Voya Nui.  Keeping the game board folded, players start by reading the profiles of the six Toa Inika.  Each player then selects his/her favorite Toa Inika and chooses the appropriate game piece.
  2. Flip over the game board to start play on the white path pictured on the surface of the island.  Each player decides which tip of the island s/he will start on (the lower or upper side of the board).
  3. Each player rolls the die.  The player with the highest roll goes first.  Play then passes to the left as all players race to the hole in the molten center of the island.
  4. The first player to reach the center hole stays put.  The other players take their game pieces off the board and then flip the board open to reveal a larger playing area representing the island’s interior.  This is where the real actions begins!
  5. There are three paths (yellow, blue and green) to reach the Mask of Life.  The player that reached the center of the island first is automatically on the green path.  All remaining players place their game pieces on Start icon and choose either the blue (upper) path or the yellow (lower) path.
  6. All players should now read their Quest cards.  Players can use these cards to control their movement.  The player that reaches the center of the island first draws a bonus Quest card and adds it to his/her hand.
  7. On each turn, a player may either roll the die and move ahead the number of spaces shown, or play a Quest card from his/her hand.
  8. Green Spaces: If a player lands on a green space, s/he draws a Quest card and adds it to his/her hand.  Note: Players can only draw Quest cards on their own turn.  If a player is moved to one of the green spaces by another player, s/he does not draw a Quest card.
  9. Red Spaces: If a player lands on a red space, then the player must battle Hakann, “the Bully.”  Placing the red Zamor sphere in the Protodermis ball launcher, the player attempts to hit the Piraka target, placed approximately three feet away from him/her.  CAUTION: DO NOT aim the launcher at the other players.
    1. If the player is successful, s/he has beaten Hakann and moves forward a bonus space.
    2. If the player is unsuccessful, s/he stays put.
    3. The player also has an opportunity to double his/her chances by picking a fellow Toa (another player) to aim for Hakann as well.  If either player hits the Piraka, both players move forward a bonus space.


Winning the Game


The first player to reach the Mask of Life wins (an exact roll is not needed), saving the BIONICLE universe from the evil Piraka.


©2006 University Games Corporation. Produced by University Games Corporation under license from the LEGO Group.