BUGs! Card Game

Where are you?



Contains 50 bug cards (25 matching pairs)



To uncover the most pairs of matching bug cards.



Shuffle the bug cards and lay them face down in a grid (with the BUGs! Logo face up).


To Play

The youngest player goes first and turns over a card of his/her choice.  Then s/he turns over another card, trying to find a picture match.  If s/he finds a match, s/he puts the two cards into his/her own “match” pile.  The player gets to take another turn until s/he fails to turn over two matching cards.  If s/he doesn’t find a match, the two cards get placed face down again, and play moves one player to the right.  Play proceeds with each player turning over two cards, trying to find a match.


Easier Play

For younger players, or to make play easier, start with fewer cards.  For example, start by laying down only 12 cards.  Make sure that within the 12 cards are six matching bug pairs.