Blast from the Past TM






Game Cards (328 --  82 per decade)

Answer Cards (6)

Scoring Tokens (90)

Giant Spinner (1)



Question Categories


Hot or Not?            Decide whether of not the stated trend was popular during the selected decade.


Memory Lane            Test knowledge about pop culture and subjects that made headlines during the selected decade.


Hit Parade              Answer questions about the music of the selected decade.


Dead or Alive?            Decide whether or not the stated person was alive during the selected decade.


Set Up


  1. Attach the spinner arrow to the Spinner.
  2. Give each player or team one Answer Card.
  3. Place the Scoring Tokens beside the Spinner.
  4. Place each deck of cards (by decade) face down next to the Spinner.


Object of the Game


To be the first person or team to correctly answer questions about the last four decades.


Playing the Game


  1. The oldest player goes first by spinning the spinner.
    1. If s/he spins a decade, s/he may select a question from any category within that decade.
    2. If s/he spins a category, s/he may select a question from any decade within that category.
    3. If s/he spins a “Take your Pick,” s/he may choose a question from both the category and decade of his/her choice.


  1. The person to the player’s right selects a card from the top of the appropriate deck and reads the selected question aloud.
  2. If the player answers the question correctly, s/he puts a Scoring Token on the corresponding square on his/her Answer card.


(For example, if the player correctly answers a ‘70s question in the Memory Lane category, the player puts a Scoring Token in the square where the ‘70s column meets the Memory Lane row.)


The player’s turn is over, and play shifts to the right.


If the player does not answer the question correctly, s/he does not put a Scoring Token on his/her answer card.  The player’s turn is over, and play shifts to the right.


Keeping Score


  1. Players place a Scoring Token over the corresponding space on their Answer Card after each correct answer.
  2. Players may not have more than one chip per space; if a player is unable to collect a chip because the space on his/her card is already filled, his/her turn is forfeited.


Winning the Game


The first player to fill his/her card or rows as indicated below, wins the game.


For 2 players

            Fill the entire Answer Card to win.


For 3 or more players

            Fill two rows (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) to win.





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