Chicks Battle the Dudes







1 Game Board

1 Tug-of-War Rope

90 Question Cards for Chicks

90 Question Cards for Dudes

40 Challenge Cards


Object of the Game


To answer questions correctly and win the Tug-of-War – pulling the other team into the center of the board.


Set Up


  1. First split into two teams: men on one team, women on the other.
  2. Unfold the game board.  The women should sit on the Chicks’ side of the board (where the pictures of women are) and the men should sit on the Dudes’ side (where the pictures of men are).
  3. Get out the punch sheet to assemble your Tug-of-War rope.
    1. Find the large Chicks Battle the Dudes oval and punch it out.
    2. Take the two strings out of the box and tie one to each side of the oval.
    3. Set the oval in the center of the game board and stretch out the strings.
    4. Now punch out the smaller round end pieces.  Tie an end piece to the loose end of each string, making sure the two end of each string, making sure the two end pieces rest on each team’s Start Space.
  4. Set up the cards
    1. Unwrap the two card decks.  You will see that one deck is Chicks Cards and the other is Dudes Cards.  Separate the Challenge Cards from the bottom of each deck and create a third deck with the Challenge Cards.
    2. Place the Chicks and Dudes card decks on the board in the indicated spaces, leaving the Challenge card deck to the side of the board.


Playing the Game


  1. The Chicks go first.
  2. The playing team has its card read to it by the opposing team.  Since the Chicks will go first, a member of the Dudes team will draw a Chicks Card and read the question to the Chicks.
  3. Chicks/Dudes Cards: these cards contain trivia questions.  Each card has three questions.  The youngest woman decides whether the team will read the top, middle or bottom questions throughout this game.
    1. The opposing team read the question out loud.  (Remember to read only the top, middle or bottom question, depending on what the youngest woman chose at the start of the game.)
    2. The answering team members decide on a team answer and present it.  

                                                               i.      If they are incorrect: they pull the rope toward their side one space.

                                                             ii.      If they are correct: the rope does not move.

                                                            iii.      Play then passes to the other team.

  1. Challenge Cards: these cards are used when a team reaches the final space on its side of the game board (the third yellow space from START, at the very end of the game board).  This is the opposing team’s last shot at defense.  The opposing team chooses the type of Challenge it would like the “winning” team to face.  They select the top card from the Challenge card deck and read the chosen Challenge to the “winning” team.  If the answering team’s players win the Challenge, they pull their rope off the board and win the game.  If they do not win the Challenge, the opposing team pulls the rope toward its side one space.  The four Challenge choices are:
    1. Who Makes Me? – the opposing team reads the product name listed and the answering team must name the brand or manufacturer listed on the card.
    2. Spell It! – the opposing team reads the word listed in quotes as well as the sentence in which it is used, and the answering team must recite the correct spelling of the word.
    3. Finish the Phrase – the opposing team reads incomplete phrases from famous movie quotes, song lyrics and advertising jingles and the answering team must fill in the missing words (one blank shown for each missing word) listed on the card.
    4. Thumb Wrestle – each team chooses a member to compete – then it’s 1,2.3,4 – let’s have a thumb war!

NOTE: The next time the same team faces a Challenge, the opposing team must choose a different type of Challenge – each type can only be used once as a defense until all four have been used.


Winning the Game


When one team pulls its rope off the game board, it wins the game!



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