Desk Top Pool Table



1 pool table

15 pool balls

1 cue ball

2 pool cues

1 triangle rack


Playing Instructions




Be the first player to sink al of your balls followed by the 8-ball.


Set Up: 

  1. Place the balls in the triangle rack at one end of the table.
  2. Remove the rack
  3. Place the cue ball at the opposite end of the table anywhere within 2” of the bumper.


Playing the Game—(8-ball:)


  1. One player breaks the balls.  He uses his pool cue to shoot the cue ball toward the racked balls.  If any balls go in a pocket, that player will play that number series—either 1-7 or 9-15—for the game.
  2. Players take turns.  If a player gets a ball of his number series in, he shoots again.  If a player knocks in a ball of the opponent’s number series, the turn is over.
  3. If a player knocks the 8-ball in before he knocks in all of the balls of his number series, he automatically loses the game.
  4. If a player accidentally shoots the cue ball into a pocket, that player will put one of his own balls back onto the table and it is the opponent’s turn.  (If he hasn’t gotten any balls in the pockets, no balls can be taken out.)
  5. After all of a players balls have gone into the pockets, the player must sink the 8-ball; however, before the player shoots, he must call out the pocket for which he is aiming. If he then hits the ball into a different pocket or forgets to call a pocket he automatically loses the game.


Winning the Game


The first player to get all his balls in the pockets and then sink the 8-ball wins the game.