Dora the Explorer Big Easy Game Rules


How to Win

Be the first to reach Abuela's hose with all the items on the Character Card.




Set Up

1.  Assemble the Spinner by snapping the stud and arrow into place at the hole of the Spinner card.

2.  Unfold the Big Easy™ Floor Mat face up on the floor.

3.  Place the Forest Card on the image of the Forest in the center of the floor mat.

4.  Each player chooses a Character Card and places it into a game stand.

5.  Place the Character Cards with stands at START.

6.  Remove the excess material from the sheet of Colorforms Stick-Ons™ (where arrow indicates 'PEEL HERE').  Peel off each Stick-On item and place it on the Backpack Card.  Place the Backpack Card in easy reach of all players.


How to Move

1.  The youngest player goes first by spinning the Spinner.  The arrow will either point to a color and a number, or to Swiper.


2.  To start, play the entire game using only the wedges on the Spinner that show the colors.  Players advance on the mat by moving to the next space displaying the color shown on the Spinner.  (Color names are listed on the mat in both English and Spanish to teach children new words while playing the game.)  When players have mastered this version, they can switch to using only the ring of the Spinner displaying the numbers throughout the game.


3.  When the player lands on a scene, he/she must stop and determine which Stick-On item he/she needs in order to pass through the area and advance on the mat.  To keep track of which items belong to each player, each Stick-On item has a colored outline that matches that player's Character Card background color.



4.  The player takes the appropriate Stick-On item from the Backpack Card (that was set-up for the game) and places it onto his/her Character Card.


5.  Each player may move forward or backward on any given path, even if that player has already traveled down that path.  If a player must pass through a scene in order to get to another scene, he/she any count that scene as a regular space – even if that scene is the Treehouse or Abuela's house.


6.  Play passes to the next player on the left.



1.  If the Spinner lands on Swiper, he has swiped the items and has hidden them in the Forest.  Keeping the Character Card where it is, the player must place all of the items that are on his/her Character Card onto the Forest Card at the center of the Floor Mat.  The player must spin and use his/her nest turn(s) to get to the Forest to get back his/her 'lost' items.  The player cannot continue towards Abuela's house until all items are returned to the card.


2.  When a player enters the Forest to find his/her 'lost' items, he/she must collect the flashlight Stick-On item to help see through the dark Forest.  The player must remove the flashlight form the Backpack Card and place it on the Character Card.  (Players only need to collect the flashlight once, even if they have to go back to the Forest move than once).  Once the flashlight has been collected, the player can visit the Forest as many times as needed.


Special Rules for Older Players Ages 6 and Up

Players can choose on each turn how they would like to move.  They can move ahead by the number shown, or move to the next space displaying the matching color.  One strategy may help more than another to get to a scene faster in order to get a needed item.