Dora the Explorer Card Game





Be the first player to collect all 4 Tool Cards for his/her backpack and 1 Dora Card.


Set Up:

  1. Separate the 6 Backpack Cards from the deck.  The dealer deals each player 1 Backpack Card, placing it face up in front of him/her.  If there are remaining Backpack Cards they are place out of play.
  2. The Dealer deals 4 Tool Cards to each player.  Tool Cards are placed face up in a row below each player’s Backpack Card.
  3. All remaining Tool Cards are placed in a pile (the draw pile) between the players.


Playing the Game:

  1. The youngest player goes first.  To begin a turn, a player must draw a card from the draw pile OR from the discard pile.
  2. After drawing a card, a player must discard.  If a player has a Tool Card that matches a Tool from his/her Backpack, that player may place his/her card next to his/her Backpack (this counts as his/her discard).  If a player does not have a Tool Card to match a tool from his/her Backpack, s/he may discard into the discard pile.  NOTE:  Players may only place one Tool Card next to their Backpack for each Tool on their Backpack.
  3. Players only have 4 Tool Cards in the row in front of them at one time. 
  4. Play passes to the left.
  5. Players may place a Dora Card next to their Backpack at any discard turn.  A Dora Card must be in the player’s Backpack in order to win.


Winning the Game:

The first player to collect all 4 Tool Cards for his/her Backpack and 1 Dora Card wins the game.







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