Four RealTM

The Game Full of Four Fun Facts







To win the most Chips.  Players/teams win the most Chips by correctly bidding and answering the Four Real questions.





528 Four Real Cards (1056 questions)

46 Scoring Chips

4 Bidding Chips

Game Board

Vinyl Bid Sheet (number/stars)




  1. Place all 46 Scoring chips in center of the game board over the words “Four Real.”
  2. Each player selects a color and takes the corresponding Bid chip.
  3. Players take the 4 numbered vinyl circles and the star that corresponds to the color of their Bid chips.
  4. The deck of Four Real cards is placed to the side of the game board.




The game can be played individually or in teams.  We find that teams are more fun and up to 16 people can play at a time in 4 teams of 4.  Four Real!  The rules are the same whether the game is played individually or in teams.  For simplicity, whether the game is played by individuals or teams, the word “player” is used.


  1. Each card has two Four Real questions.  Start by only reading the top question.  Once all of the top questions have been read, return to the beginning of the deck and play Four Real reading only the bottom question on each card.
  2. A player (Reader) picks up a card and reads the category title above the word “Question.”




  1. Each player then decides how much to bid on the category.  The corresponding number from the vinyl bid circle is placed secretly on the bid chip.  The bid chip is then placed face down on the corresponding color on the game board.  (For example, the blue team places a blue vinyl bid on the blue bid chip.)  The blue bid chip is placed face down over the color on the board.  The minimum bid is one.
  2. Once all bid chips are placed, they are turned over for review.
  3. The highest bidder (becomes the Bid Player) and gets control of the question, which the Reader then reads.  The Reader’s team (if played in teams) participates without the help of the Reader.
  4. TIES WHEN BIDDING- if two or more players bid the same number, the player with the fewest chips gets the bid.  If both players have the same number of chips, or zero chips the team to the left of the Reader gets the bid.
  5. THE STAR- The Star automatically gives the player using the Star control of the question.  The Star is treated as a bid of 4.  A player can only use the Star 1 time during a game.





Each question in the game has 4 answers.  The player has 30 seconds to answer the question.  The Reader announces how many correct answers the Bid Player gave.  Regardless of the number of correct answers given, the Bid Player may collect only as many chips as were bid. (i.e. The Bid Player bid 2 but provides 4 correct answers.  The Bid Player may collect only 2 chips.)  The Bid Player can block the other players by answering all 4 parts.  Only after 4 answers (or as many as the Bid Player is able to provide) are given, play continues to the right and the other players get an opportunity to give answers and win chips.




  1. If the Bid Player provides a number of correct answers equal to or more than the bid, the Bid Player receives 1 chip for each answer bid.
  2. Players lose a chip for every question bid that is not answered correctly.  For example, if a winning bid is 4, but the player only has 3 correct answers, that player would put 1 chip back in the center of the board.  No chips would be taken for the 3 correct answers since the bid of 4 was missed.  Players without chips do not put any chips in when they miss their bid.
  3. There is no penalty or lost chips for wrong answers for players other than the Bid Player.
  4. After every player has tried to answer the question or all 4 parts are correctly answered, the next player (to the right) becomes the Reader and a new card is selected from the top of the deck and read.





The game ends when all the chips are won from the center of the board.  All players count their chips.  The player with the most chips win.  Four Real!





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