Game of KnowledgeTM

(2006 new edition)

Game Instructions




To be the first player to collect one of each of the category rings and correctly answer a final question.


1.       The first time you play, separate the cards into six different color-coded categories. Place the cards in the card box, separating the categories with the color-coded category divider inserts.

2.      Each player chooses a playing piece and places it in the middle of the game board on the “enter” space of the same color as the playing piece.









Land, Sea & Sky






Today’s Life


Hall of Fame


Our World




1.      To Start: The youngest player rolls the die and moves the number of spaces shown (see #3 for the only exception to this rule). Play passes clockwise. After rolling, players should not pick up the die; they get to move the same number again if they answer a question correctly.

2.      Answering Questions: When a player lands on a space with a colored dot, s/he answers a question from that category at his/her age level.  (Questions for ages 10-15 are at the top of each card, questions for ages 16 and up are at the bottom). If the player gives the correct answer, s/he moves (again) the number of spaces shown on the die. His/her turn is over. If the player answers incorrectly, his/her turn is over.  A player my only answer one question per turn.

3.      Reaching a Knowledge Base (the icon spaces): A player may move less than the number rolled to stop on a Knowledge Base. If a player starts on a Knowledge Base, the player does not roll, but answers a question for that topic to try to collect a ring.

4.      Collecting Rings: A player who answers a question correctly while on a Knowledge Base collects a ring of the same color as the Knowledge Base and slips it onto his/her playing piece. A player may only collect one ring of each color.

5.      Sliding: After answering a question on a Knowledge Base (either correctly or incorrectly), players slide their playing pieces down the chute to the corresponding “enter” space

6.      Answering Questions Incorrectly: When a player ("Player 1") answers a question incorrectly, the player with the least number of rings (the "Bonus Contender") has a chance to answer the same question. If the Bonus Contender answers the question correctly and:

a.      Player 1 is on a Knowledge Base, the Bonus Contender collects a ring for that topic but does not move his/her piece. Player 1 still slides along the chute.

b.      Player 1 is on any other type of space, the Bonus Contender moves the number of spaces that Player 1 would have moved had s/he answered correctly (the number Player 1 rolled.)


When a player collects his/her sixth ring (one for each topic), s/he slides down the chute to an “enter” space. The player must correctly answer a question for this space to win the game. If the player answers incorrectly, s/he must stay on that entry space, wait for the next turn, and try again.


Below is a listing of the sub-topics included in each category:

Land, Sea & Sky            Land, Ocean, Space, Geography, Geology, Exploration, Energy, Weather, the Environment, Natural Disasters 

Hall of Fame                Scientists, US Presidents, World Leaders, Entertainers, Fictional Characters, Artists, Authors, Composers, Royalty, Sports Personalities

Today’s Life                 Technology, Consumer Trends, Symbols and Slogans, Food, Current Events

Science                       Physics, Biology (Plants, Animals, Extinct Animals), Chemistry, Health and the Human Body

Media                          TV, Movies, Books & Stories, Music, Comics, Internet, Radio

Our World                    US History, World History, Politics, Economics & Currency, Cultural Traditions.

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