Go Fish For Letters



To use the letter cards in the game to form the most words



60 Letter Cards

Complete Instructions


Set Up

Shuffle the card deck and deal five cards to each player.

Spread out the rest of the deck, face down, within easy reach of all players.


For Players Who Already Know How to Play GO FISH!

The key difference between this game and Go GISH! are:

1.      Players ask for letters to form words, not numbers to make matches.

2.      Players must form words of three letters or more.

3.      At the end of the game, players count how many words they have formed.  Each word counts as one point.  Players subtract one point if they have any cards left in their hands.  The player with the most points wins.


Playing the Game

The youngest player goes first.  On each turn, a player (Player 1) asks any other player (Player 2) for a letter she needs to form a word.  For example, Player 1 may ask, “Nina do you have any M’s?”

Player 2 (Nina) must give all of the “M” cards in her hand to Player 1.  If Player 2 does not have that letter, she says, “Go Fish!”  Player 1 then picks one card from the cards that are face down on the table and adds it to her hand. 


Receiving Cards

When Player 1 gets one or more of the cards that she has asked for (either from player 2 or from the face down cards) and can combine these cards with cards already in her hand to form a word, she must form a word face up on the table.  Players must play cards face up, in order, to spell out the word.  Every time a player receives the card(s) that she asked for, she takes another turn. 

When Player 1 picks a letter that she did not ask for, but can still form a word, she may, at her option, form a word.  Player 1 does not get another turn for forming a word;  her turn is over.









To form a word, a player must correctly spell a word using three or more letters.

Slang words are not allowed.

Words in a foreign language are not allowed unless every player speaks that language.

Except for spelling one’s own name, a player may not form a proper noun (a proper noun is a specific person, place, or thing that usually begins with a capital letter—for example, Rachel, Missouri, or Mancala.)


Running Out of Cards

When players play the last cards from their hands to form words, they pick five new cards from the face down cards, and play continues.


Ending the Game

When a player picks the last face down card, each player gets one more turn.  On their turns, players play any words they can from the letters in their hands.  After each player (including the player who picked the last face down card) takes a turn, the game is over.


Scoring/Winning the Game

Players count up the number of words that they formed—each word is worth one point.

Players who have cards left in their hands subtract one point (players subtract one point regardless of the number of cards left in their hands.)  The player with the most points wins. 


Go Fish For Letters Cards


Letter              Quantity         Letter              Quantity         Letter              Quantity


A                     5                      J                       1                      S                      3

B                      1                      K                     1                      T                      4

C                     1                      L                      2                      U                     3

D                     2                      M                     1                      V                     1

E                      7                      N                     4                      W                    1

F                      1                      O                     5                      X                     1

G                     2                      P                      1                      Y                     1

H                     1                      Q                     1                      Z                      1

I                       5                      R                      4