Grateful Dead The Game

Rules of Play








To be the team with the most concert tickets when the first team reaches Finish.




  1. Choose a dancing skeleton game piece, insert it into a plastic stand and place it at Start.
  2. Punch out the concert tickets and place them in the center of the game board.
  3. Insert the spinner base into the back of the spinner card and snap the spinner arrow into place through the front of the spinner card.
  4. Separate out the six categories of cards (each has their own color) and place them into the card box, placing the proper category divider between each category of cards.




The five main categories of question cards (all but the “I Need a Miracle” category) each have both a top and a bottom question on them. Once all the top questions have been played, read the bottom questions.




The game board has two types of spaces:

1)      Ticket spaces – Each of the colored ticket spaces represents an actual Grateful Dead concert.  Each of the four sides of the game board represents a different decade. The color of the ticket a team lands on indicates the category of the question the team answers. Teams collect one concert ticket (of any color) from the center of the game board for every question answered correctly.  The question categories are:

a.      Hum…hum (pink) – Get your teammates to guess the song by humming it. Here, the team chooses one of its members to hum for the team. This person is allowed to see the question card so s/he knows which song to hum (also, there are a few lyrics listed to jog the memory).

b.      What Comes Next? (purple) – Name the next line of lyrics, the next album or the next oldest band member.

c.      Name Who (orange) – Choose the correct person from the multiple choice answers listed

d.      Did or Didn’t (blue)  – Decide whether or not the statement is true or false.

e.      Dead Head Trivia (green) – As a team, come up with the correct answer. (NOTE: for this category, the top questions are all multiple choice, while the bottom questions are open-ended. Try the bottom questions when ready for more challenging play.)


2)      I Need a Miracle Ticket Spaces – These spaces appear on the corners of the game board and on the spinner. Within the “I Need a Miracle” category, there are three types of questions, all involving ticket wagering.  The team wins the number of tickets it wagered (but no more) if it fulfills the wager, but loses the tickets if it does not fulfill the wager.

a.      Name That Tracklist – All teams (starting with the team which landed on the space or spun it and rotating to the left) wager how many songs they can correctly name off the album’s tracklist.  (The album name is announced prior to wagering.)  The wagering continues until no team is willing to wager higher. The team that wagered the highest number of songs then tries to correctly name that many.

b.      Which Happened When? – The team wagers how many of four events it can correctly place in chronological order. (All event dates are listed on the back of the instruction sheet for reference.)

c.      How Much Do You Know? – The team wagers how many of three questions it can correctly answer about the image shown on the card. (The team is given the topic that goes with the image before wagering.)


NOTE: Only the team landing on or spinning “I Need a Miracle” plays in categories b and c.




  1. The team that has cumulatively attended the most number of Grateful Dead concerts goes first (Team 1).
  2. Team 1 spins the spinner. If Team 1 spins any number between 1 and 5, it moves its game piece forward that number of spaces. The team to the left of Team 1 chooses a card from the category indicated by the space Team 1 landed on and reads the top question. In the case of a “Hum…hum” question, it hands off the card to the Team 1 member who will be humming. Team 1 answers – if it gets the answer correct, it chooses one concert ticket from the center of the game board.
  3. Play passes to the left (only one question per turn), with the team that was reading for Team 1 now up.


“I Need a Miracle”


1.                  If Team 1 spins “I Need a Miracle,” it stays put.  The team to the left of Team 1 chooses a card from the “I Need a Miracle” (red) category and reads the type of question and any clues (the album name or the image topic) to Team 1.  The wagering then begins.  For “Name That Tracklist” questions, the player who is reading cannot participate in the wagering/answering of the question even though his/her team may be involved.

2.                  Team 1 (or whichever team won the “Name That Tracklist” wager) answers and collects or forfeits the appropriate number of tickets.  NOTE: for “I Need a Miracle”, a team can wager only TWO more tickets that it has at any time.  If the team does not fulfill its wager, it cannot lose more tickets than it currently has.  (For example, a team that has one ticket may wager up to three tickets.  If it does not fulfill the wager, it loses only the one ticket it had a the beginning of the turn.)

3.                  Play passes to the left (only one question per turn), with the team that was reading for Team 1 now up.




The team with the most concert tickets collected by the time the first team reaches Finish wins.