Horton Hears a Who!

Card Game






To collect three “Who” cards then collect the Jo-Jo card.



Remove the three non-playing cards.  Each player takes a Horton card.  Shuffle the remaining cards.  Deal the cards face down to create a grid of seven columns and seven rows (the clover field).



1.      The youngest player goes first, by placing his/her Horton card next to any card on the outside edge of the clover field.  The youngest player turns the card in the clover field over and shows it to all players.

2.      If the turned-over card is a Clover card, the player turns over any one of the other cards next to (but not diagonally) the first card.  Play continues until a player:

a.      Turns over a Who card.  The player keeps the Who card and his/her turn is over.

b.      Turns over a jungle animal card.  The player’s turn is over.

c.      Turns over a beezle-nut oil card.  The player tells any other player to return one Who card to the Clover field and the beezle-nut oil card is discarded.  The player’s turn is over.

3.      When a player’s turn is over, turn all face up cards back over.

4.      Only after a player has three Who cards can he/she collect the Jo-Jo card.  If a player turns up the Jo-Jo card before he/she has collect 3 Who cards, the Jo-Jo card is turned face down and the player’s turn is over.



The first player to collect 3 Who cards and then collect the Jo-Jo card wins, and saves the Whos!


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