Kids on Stage ä



Even the littlest star can play Kids on Stageä. It’s easy and fun for all. Kids on Stage encourages creativity and communication rather than competition. That’s why everyone finishes and wins the game!



Game board with Spinner

6 Playing Pieces

20 Red Action Cards

20 Green Object Cards

20 Blue Animal Cards


Number of Players

2 or more


Object of the Game

To reach FINISH. Play advances by guessing the charade (animal, object or action) acted out.

Rules of Play

  1. Sort the cards by color and place in three separate piles face down.
  2. Each player (or team) chooses a playing piece and places it at START (*).
  3. The oldest player goes first.
  4. Player spins the spinner and moves his/her playing piece the appropriate number of circles.
  5. Player lands on red, blue or green space, then picks corresponding color card with out showing it to other players. The cards will show either an action (red cards), an object (green cards) or an animal (blue cards). Without speaking (sounds may be used), player acts out the picture. All other players guess until someone correctly identifies the action, object or animal.

Note: The player’s acting does not need to imitate the picture, but can represent the action, object or animal. For example, “Playing Baseball” can be acted out by batting, catching or throwing.

  1. A player’s turn ends when the picture is correctly identified by another player.
  2. Play rotates clockwise and the next player spins the spinner and moves.
  3. When a player reaches FINISH, the player chooses a red blue or green card to act out for his/her final turn.
  4. Play continues until all players reach FINISH.