Magic Cauldron






The first player to fill up his/her cauldron playing board wins the game.




Playing the Game

  1. Each player chooses a cauldron playing board.
  2. The youngest player goes first by choosing a square card.  The player fillips the card over and looks at the number on the back of the card.  Then the player finds a number sum (rectangular card) that he/she thinks gives them the correct answer. 
  3. The player then rubs the magic black mark on the back of the rectangular card to see if the number revealed matches the number shown on the square card.
  4. If the numbers match, the square card is placed picture side up onto the cauldron playing board and the rectangular card is removed from the game.  If the number does not match, the cards are returned to the correct piles.  Play passes to the left.


Winning the Game

The first player to fill up his or her cauldron by correctly matching 10 square number cards with 10 magical rectangular cards wins the game.


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