To be the first player to score 500 points by making zany headlines.


The Headline Cards

1)  Each card has a point value, listed at the bottom.

2)  An Exclusive Card doubles the value of a hand.


Set Up

1)  Grab a pen and paper to keep score.

2)  The youngest player deals the first round.

3)  Shuffle the cards thoroughly.


Playing the Game

1)  The Dealer deals 5 cards to each player.

2)  Each player examines his/her hand and decides whether to discard any cards.

3)  After all players have had a chance to discard, the Dealer lays down his/her best headline.  The goal is to get the highest points AND to construct a reasonable headline.  Headlines may be funny and unbelievable, but they must be structurally sound.

If the Majority of the players decide that a headline does not make sense, the player who laid the headline down must pick it up and submit a new headline.

4)  If a player cannot make a headline, his/her score will be zero for that hand.

5)  Exclusive Cards double the value of any hand.  Only one exclusive Card may be played per hand.

6)  The Dealer records each person's score.

7)  After each hand, the player to the left becomes the new Dealer, taking all of the cards from the last hand and shuffling them back into the deck before dealing a new hand to each player.


Winning the Game

The first player to reach 500 points is the winner!  If more than one player earns 500 points when the hand's points are totaled, the highest score wins.


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