MancalaTM Game Instructions

Collect the most stones in your mancala (mancalas are the large bowls at each end of the board).

Place 4 stones in each small bowl. Do not place stones in the mancalas. Set aside any extra stones (you will not use these). Place the board between the players, with the mancalas in the left and right. To play, use the general rules plus one of the other sets of rules.

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General Rules

Each player "owns" the mancala on his right and the six small bowls closest to him/her (see Diagram 1). Player 1 starts by scooping up all the stones from one of his small bowls (players may never start from a mancala or from the opponent's six bowls). Player 1 drops one stone into the next bowl on the right, one stone into the second bowl on the right, continuing around the board (counterclockwise) until she has no more stones in his hand. If Player 1 reaches his own mancala, she drops a stone into it. Players do not drop stones into their opponent's mancalas, they skip them and continue dropping stones, one at a time, from their hand until they run out of stones. Players take turns moving. At the end of the game, players count the stones in their mancalas the player with the most stones wins.

Egyptian Rules

Use all General Rules. If a player drops the last stone from her/his hand into his mancala, she/he gets to move again. If a player drops the last stone into one of the empty bowls on his side of the board, she takes that stone, plus all the stones in the opponent's bowl directly across form his bowl and places them in his mancala (see Diagram 2). The game ends when one player no longer has stones in his small bowls. The other player (who still has stones on his side) places all remaining stones into his own mancala (it is not necessarily an advantage to be the first player to empty the six bowls).

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