The Peter Pan GameTM





To be the first player to rescue Wendy, Michael and John from the Pirate Ship after matching his/her Tinkerbell card with the picture on the board and obtaining a lifeboat card.



4 Peter Pan playing pieces, 8 Tinkerbell Cards, two piece game board (Never Never Land and Pirate Ship) and a spinner.



1.                  Assemble the playing pieces and the spinner. Punch out the playing pieces, fold them in half, and place them in the plastic stands. Insert the spinner into the center of the spinner platform. Place the two game boards (Never Never Land and Pirate Ship) next to each other so that the paths connect.

2.                  Separate the lifeboat cards from the rest of the cards. Place the lifeboat cards next to the Crocodile Bridge. Shuffle the remaining cards and deal one card to each player. (note: If only two players, deal 2 cards to each player.)

3.                  Select a playing piece and place it on the space marked Start.



1.                  The youngest player starts first by spinning and moving his/her playing piece the correct number of spaces toward the picture that matches his/her Tinkerbell card (The Lost Boys, The Pirates, Captain Hook, The Indians, or The Animals). S/he may start in either direction.

2.                  Game play proceeds clockwise. Players can move forward and backward around the board, but may move in only one direction per turn. Two players may occupy the same space. Players may move through Start, counting it as one space.

3.                  Matching Your Tinkerbell Cards: A player matches his/her Tinkerbell card with the picture on the board when s/he lands on or passes the Tinkerbell space next to that picture. S/he then places the card face up on the board, covering the picture.

4.                  Lifeboat Cards: When a player lands on or crosses over the Crocodile Bridge s/he may pick up a lifeboat card. (Only one lifeboat card per player.) Note: A player may cross over the Crocodile Bridge either before or after matching his/her Tinkerbell card.

5.                  Once a player has matched all of his/her Tinkerbell cards and reached the end of Never Never Land (the lower board), s/he may then use the lifeboat card to connect the two paths. This is done by leaning the card against the side of the box.

6.                  Once a lifeboat card is used, it should be returned to the deck of lifeboat cards.

7.                  Red Spaces: If a player lands on a red space or spins red, s/he moves back 3 spaces. If a player on the upper board (Pirate Ship) spins red, s/he should not move back beyond the edge of the upper board.

8.                  Green Spaces: If a player lands on a green space or spins green, s/he moves ahead 3 spaces.



The first player to jump into the Pirate Ship and save Wendy, Michael and John wins the game. An exact spin is not required.



From 2 to 4 people can play.




Copyright 1989 University Games