The first player to build his/her colored pipeline to the opposite side of the board wins the game.



The Game Board:


The Pipe Pieces:

  1. Cross shaped (4 pieces per color set)
  2. T shaped (4 pieces per color set)
  3. Elbow shaped (8 pieces per color set)
  4. Blocker caps (2 pieces per color set)


The Die:

Each side of the die indicates which pipe piece should be used.


For 2 players only:

If there are only two players, each player can chose to build two different colored pipelines.  For example, if Player A is orange, his/her second colored pipeline would be the color to the left of right side of the orange connector points (yellow or green).


Playing the Game

  1. The youngest player goes first by rolling the die.  The pipe piece indicated on the die is the piece the player must use on his/her colored starting point.  Game play moves clockwise.

NOTE:  For all players’ first turn, if the roll of the die shows a blocker cap, the player must roll the die again.

  1. During a player’s turn, he/she can:

o       Roll the die and add a piece to his/her pipeline.

NOTE:  Pipe pieces cannot be repositioned during the game.

o       Block an opponent.  A player can block another player’s route using a blocker cap. (See below: Blocker Caps and Obstacles)

o       Remove an opponent’s blocker cap, which was placed on his/her pipeline.  A player’s turn is over after he/she removes the blocker cap.

  1. If a player is able to attach a pipe piece to any of the blue spaces on the center of the board, he/she gets an extra turn.

NOTE:  If a pipe piece is attached to the center blue space, it must create a new link to continue building the pipeline.

  1. If the die indicates a pipeline piece that the player no longer has, he/she looses his/her turn.
  2. Players are not allowed to attach his/her pipeline to another player’s pipeline.
  3. Players can build his/her pipeline outside the boundaries of the game board.


Blocker Cap and Obstacles:

When the die indicates a blocker cap, a player can use it to block another player’s pipeline.  The player who has been blocked must wait for his/her turn before deciding whether or not to remove the blocker cap.  Once the blocker cap is removed, it is returned to the player whose color set it belongs to and may be used again.


Winning the Game

The first player to build his/her pipeline to any of the five connector points on the opposite side of the game board wins the game.


NOTE:  If you run out of pieces to continue your pipeline during game play, you must remove one piece per turn until you are able to continue building your pipe.




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