Rainforest Frog Jam



Object of the Game

The player with the most matches wins.



·        Game board

·        12 frog moving pieces

·        26 (2 sets of 13) tokens

·        4 wild tokens


Set Up

·        Arrange all of the tokens face down on table and mix them up.  Place them on the center brown rocks on the board face down.

·        Each player receives 3 frogs (same type).  Place frogs on corresponding corners (home).  For 2 player games, put frogs on diagonally opposing sides.


Game Play

·        The youngest player begins.  Each player has 4 moves.  Players can move all 3 frogs during one move in any combination as long as the total number of moves does not exceed four.


·        After four moves, flip any tokens that are covered by frogs.  Try to match it by flipping one other token.  For example:  If after 4 moves, a player has two frogs on two token, that player gets two chances to match.  Players cannot flip a token if an opponent’s frog is on a token, however, players can flip over a token covered by the player’s own frogs.



·        Making a match:  Keep tokens when two match


·        Jamming:  To jam an opponent, a player can move their frog onto an opponent’s frog and send that frog home (their starting corner).


·        Wild Tokens:  Players can take opponents matches if they land on a wild token.  After you take the matches, remove the token from the board (it becomes obsolete).  If there are no matches to take, flip the wild token back over on the same spot (it remains on the board and active).


·        Once a leap space becomes revealed, a player can use his/her move to land on a leap space to leap across the board to jam another frog (sending them home, not taking their matches) or to leap onto another token.


Winning the Game

When all the tokens are gone, the player with the most matches wins.



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