Scavenger HuntTM For Kids

The amazing indoor search game





100 Cards

4 Pawns

1 Game Board

1 Timer

1 Spinner




The basic idea of Scavenger HuntTM For Kids is pretty simple.  At the beginning of every round, one player places 6 cards on the board and turns over the timer.  Each card shows something to find around the house.  Everyone races around the house looking for all 6 things.  After 2 minutes all the players come back and show what they’ve found.  Players get to move their pawns ahead 1 space for every object they’ve found.  The first player to move onto the “YOU WIN” space wins the game!




To begin, each player takes 1 pawn and places it on the space labeled “GO.”  Next, place 6 cards with blue borders face-up on the empty spaces on the board and turn over the 2 minute timer.  As soon as the timer begins, all the players should start looking around for the items shown on the cards.  Players have 2 minutes to find all 6 things.  As each item (or several items) are found, players should run back to the board and make a pile of the things they’ve found.  When a player notices that the timer has run out, he or she should yell “TIME’S UP” and all players must immediately stop looking for things and go back to where the game is set up.


One player now read the cards one by one.  As each card is read, players who have found the object should hold it up, and move their pawn ahead 1 space.  When everyone is done moving their pawns, the round is complete.  Play 3 more rounds in the same way:





When looking for things, keep in mind a few important rules:

  1. Each item you find only counts once during the game.  So, if you found a basketball, you could count it for either you “Find Something Orange” card or your “Find Something Round” card, but not both.  You also can’t keep “re-finding” the same object over and over in different rounds.
  2. You may not take anything from another player’s pile.


If you need more help on what counts and what does not, read the Additional Rules section on the back side of these instructions.




After the fourth round is over, it’s time for the Captain Cleanup round.  For this round, do not select any more cards.  Instead, one player yells “GO” and all the players race around as fast as they can, putting away all their own things.  When players are done cleaning up, they should come back to the board and yell out “DONE.”


(Note: Parents may want to confirm players actually put things back where they were supposed to).


The first player to finish cleaning up spins the spinner first.  The second player to finish cleaning up spins the spinner second, and so forth, until everyone who has cleaned up spins.  Each player gets to move his pawn forward, or another player’s pawn back, depending on where the spinner’s arrow lands.  If you don’t clean up, you don’t get to spin.




Players continue taking turns spinning the spinner in this order until 1 player lands on or crosses the “YOU WIN” space, winning the game.








For some cards it is possible that players may have different views on what counts and what does not.  If there is a disagreement, players should first try to work out a decision amongst themselves.  If they can’t decide, they should flip a coin or ask an adult.







Copyright ©2005 Pazow! Corporation.  Used under license by University Games Corporation.