The Perfect Ten




50 Question Strips                                60 blue colored magnets

2 Pillars                                                60 white colored magnets

2 Frames                                              60 purple colored magnets

1 Magnetic game board                        60 green colored magnets

1 Scoring platform                               

1 plastic question holder

2 plastic stoppers

2 moving pegs

20 yellow scoring magnets


Assembling the game



Take each of the 2 black pillars from the tray and place them in the center cavities located on the left and right side of the tray.



Remove the green stoppers from the poly bag and place in the 2 smaller cavities located in the center of the tray.  The base of the stopper should be placed into the cavity with the U-shape side facing up.


Scoring Platform

Place the scoring platform between the 2 pillars.  The scoring platform slides into place around a stopper at each end of the scoring platform.  Each team should be able to see the blue dots on the platform.


Game Board

Take the game board (holding it horizontally) and slide one of the black frames onto the game board.  Repeat with the other frame on the remaining sides of the game board.  Now the frames should hold the game board on two sides.


Once the 2 frames are around the game board, take the game board with the frames and hang it in the center slots of the 2 pillars.  The game board should be suspended in the middle of the tray between the 2 pillars.


Once the game board is in its correct position, take the stoppers and slip the game board with the frames between the U-slot of the stoppers (the stoppers must be tilting inward to lock the game board in place).  The stoppers hold the game board in place while teams are answering questions and checking answers.



Magnetic Strips

Remove the colored magnetic strips from the poly bag.  Separate and divide the strips, by color, into piles of 30.


Each team is given 10 yellow, 30 blue, 30 white, 30 purple and 30 green magnetic strips.


The blue, white, purple and green magnetic strips are used to mark a team’s answers.  The yellow magnetic strips are used to mark the number of correct answers per round a team receives.


Object of the Game

The object of the game is to be the first team to correctly answer all ten of their questions.


How to Play

The Perfect Ten is a team game.  Teams can have one to five people each.


Round 1


1.      Divide into teams and place the assembled game board in the center, so that the suspended game board sits between the two teams.


Each column represents a specific category: Geography, Sports, Science, History, Quotes, Music, Literature, Nature, Art and Movies, respectively.


2.      Select a question strip and place in the plastic question holder.  Position the plastic holder in the slots on top of the pillars so that one set of questions faces each team.


Teams should start placing their answers on row 10.  Row 10 is marked by a 10 at the upper left corner of the game board.


Each team will be looking at a different set of ten questions.


Note: Each team can see the answers to the other team’s questions.  The row of colored dots at the bottom of each question strip are the answers to the other team’s questions.


3.      The Hint: On each round teams will “give” one correct answer to the opposing team.  This creates a catch-up opportunity for the “average Joe!” and introduces some strategy to The Perfect Ten.


4.      Time limit: Teams only get 5 minutes per round to answer all ten questions and give the opposing team a hint.  Once the 5 minutes are up, flip the game board over to check answers.




Now play begins …


1.      Teams work together to answer the ten questions.  Each question has four possible answers.  These answers are color-coded (Blue, White, Purple and Green).  To answer, teams place a colored magnetic strip on the game board that is the same color as their guess.  Answers should be placed in row 10 in the upper rectangular space below each question.


2.      We warned you about The Hint, now, after your team finishes answering all ten questions, is the time to give it.  Each team gives one free answer to the other team by taking a colored magnetic strip and placing it in the lower space of Row 10.  The color of the strip should match the color dot below the question.



3.      Once both teams finish answering their ten questions and give the Hint, the locking stoppers are released and the game board is flipped so that each team is now looking at the other team’s answers.


Checking answers


1.      The locking stoppers are put back in place to avoid any movement with the game board while checking answers.


2.      Don’t freak out.  This part is a little tricky.  Now the teams check each other silently by matching the answers (appearing at the bottom of the game board) to the colored dots located on the question strip.


For example, if the magnetic strip color matches the dot color, the answer is correct.  The dots have nothing to do with the questions above them; they correspond to the questions appearing on the other side of the question strip, which were answered by the opposing team.


3.      Once all questions have been checked, each team takes a yellow colored magnetic strip and places it in the space on the game board that identifies the number of questions correct.


For example, in Round 1, if the opposing team gets 6 out of 10 questions correct, the checking team places a yellow colored magnetic strip in the upper space (above the answers) on row 10, column 6.


4.      The stoppers are removed and the board is flipped over again so that each team is now looking at their original answers and is now aware of the number of questions answered correctly but not which ones are correct, except for the “Hint” answer.


READ THIS NOW: Over confidence can be your downfall in “The Perfect 10”!  Keep questioning your own certainties.  Sometimes a player is convinced they know the answer to a particular question when in fact they have it wrong.  They stubbornly refuse to change it and keep changing other questions looking for the problem.  To win you need just the right mix of knowledge, clever deduction, and flexible thinking.


Round 2


1.      Now, each team tries again to get all ten questions correct by placing their choices in the spaces provided in row 9.  Row 9 is marked by a 9 at the left side of the game board.  A new hint is given by each team after all questions have been answered.


2.      This process of answering questions and then flipping the game board to check answers continues until both teams have correctly answered all ten questions or when both teams are on their 10th round.  A new hint is given each round and the old hint stays in place on the game board.



How to Score

Teams move their scoring pegs the number of spaces indicated by the number on the left of the game board.


For example, if it takes 3 rounds for a team to answer their ten questions correctly, the number 8 is printed on the far left side of the game board and the team will move their peg 8 spaces on the scoring platform.


If one team gets a perfect 10 before the other team, the finishing team waits until the other team gets a perfect 10 or reaches the 10th round.


If a team is on their 10th round and still do not have the correct answers, they should move onto a new question card.  That team does not move on the scoring platform.


When both teams have all ten correct answers or are on their 10th round, the round is over and the new question strip is placed into the question strip holder.


How to Win

The first team to reach the last hole on the scoring platform wins the game.



The Perfect Ten is based on a game invented by Dugald Keith.

©2003 Jervois Pty. Ltd Produced under license from Jervois Pty. Ltd.

©2004 University Games Corporation