Time Flies TM




To be the first player to score 12 hours of fun.



·        20 Fun Cards (Green border)

·        22 Hour Cards (Yellow border)

·        18 Time Flies TM Cards (Red border)

·        Complete instructions



Players shuffle the card deck and deal two cards face down to each player.  Place the rest of the deck face down, within easy reach of all players.  This face down deck will become the draw pile, from which players draw cards as they play.  Players pick up their cards to form a hand.



The youngest player starts the game by picking the top card from the draw pile and adding it to his hand.  A player always starts his turn by picking the top card from the draw pile.



If, after drawing a card to start his turn, a player has a Fun Card in his hand, he places it face up in front of him on the table.  If a player does not have a Fun Card, he discards one card from his hand (see Discarding Cards, below).


Play passes to the left (clockwise) as each player, in turn:

1.      Picks from the draw pile, and

2.      Plays a Fun Card or discards onto the discard pile.


A player may only play one card per turn.  A player must end his turn with two cards in his hand.



When a player starts his turn with a Fun Card face up in front of him, he may begin having hours of fun.  To score hours, a player picks from the draw pile, then places an Hour Card from his hand face up on the table to right of his face-up Fun Card.  Hour Cards have three different values: 1 Hour, 2 Hours, and 3 Hours.


A player may continue to score hours (on successive turns) as long as he has a Fun Card face up at the start of his turn.   As they play, players should keep a running total of the hours that they score, on a piece of paper.



To prevent other players from scoring hours, a player may play a Time FliesTM Card.  A player may only play a Time FliesTM Card on the player to his left, and only when that player has a face-up Fun Card.


To play a Time Flies TM Card, a player picks from the draw pile, and then places a Time FliesTM Card from his hand on top of the player to his left’s face-up Fun Card.  Once a Time FliesTM Card is on top of a Fun Card, a player may not play another Hour Card until he plays a new Fun Card on top of his pile.


Players add new Fun Cards directly on top of the face-up Time FliesTM Card.



If, after picking the top card from the draw pile, a player is unable to play a Fun Card, and Hour Card, or a Time FliesTM Card on the player to his left, he chooses one of the three cards in his hand and uses it to start a discard pile, face up, to the right of the draw pile.  As other players discard, they place their discards on top of any other discarded cards.



If the draw pile is out of cards before and player has scored 12 hours of fun, players take all the cards except the cards in their hands and the top card on their left hand piles (either a Fun Card or a Time FliesTM) and shuffle them to form a new draw pile.  Players write down the total number of hours of fun they’ve scored before turning in their face-up Hour cards.



The first player to play cards that total 12 or more hours wins the game.  Players should keep a running tally of the Hour Cards they’ve played.





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