Totally Awesome!





-Game Board

-4 Magnetic Playing Pieces

-20 Plastic Flags

-110 Totally Awesome Cards

-110 Fantastic Feat Cards


To be the first player to reach the top of the mountain

Set Up

Game Board

1.       Remove all components from the box.  Place the box bottom inside the box lid.

2.       Slide the game board into the area between the lid and the box bottom on a short end of the box.  When in place, the Totally Awesome logo should be hidden and the game board should be facing away from the inside of the box.

3.       The bottom of the game board has four mountain climbers on it.

a.       Each player chooses a playing piece and places it on the mountain climber space that matches in color.  This is the player’s color for the rest of the game.

4.       Remove the plastic flags from the bag and place them in a pile in the middle of the table.

5.       There are two card decks.  Unwrap both card decks and place the Totally Awesome Cards and the Fantastic Feat Cards on the table to the side of the box.

Playing the Game

  1. The youngest player goes first.  The player to his/her right draws a Totally Awesome Card and reads the first question to the youngest player/
    1. If the question is answered correctly, the player moves ahead one space and the second question from that card is asked.  If both questions are answered correctly, the player will have moved the maximum of two spaces and his/her turn is over.
    2. If the question is answered incorrectly, the player’s turn is over and the question card is returned to the bottom of the deck.
  2. Play continues to the left.
  3. Players may move their pawns upward along the trail to the top of the mountain or horizontally across the elevation line.  At base camp level, players may only move upward. 
  4. Players can occupy spaces that do not match the color of their pawn.
  5. No more than two pawns can occupy the same space at the same time.
  6. Players cannot move down the mountain

Fantastic Cards

  1. Players earn flags when they land on Fantastic Feat spaces (a space marked by a flag).
    1. A player is read a Fantastic Feat Card if s/he lands on a Fantastic Feat space at any point during his/her turn.

                                                               i.      The player must do the Fantastic Feat before s/he can have the flag.  (Players need to execute the card perfectly, or try their hardest in order to collect a flag).

                                                             ii.      Play continues and the player answers any remaining questions on his/her Totally Awesome Card.

                                                            iii.      If a player ends his/her turn on a Fantastic Feat space, s/he is read a Fantastic Feat.  On his/her next turn, the player begins with a Totally Awesome question.

  1. A player must go to another Fantastic Feat space to collect his/her next flag.
  2. Each player must collect four flags of his/her color before reaching the top of the mountain.

·         Note: Players can collect a flag of their color from spaces that do not match their color.  (Ex. A red player can collect a red flag from a green Fantastic Feat space.)

Reaching the Top

  1. When a player reaches the top of the mountain, s/he must attempt a final Fantastic Feat to collect the purple flag and win the game.
  2. Players may continue to play for second, third and fourth place using the same rules.

Winning the Game

Collect 4 flags of your color and be the first player to reach the top of the mountain and collect the purple flag.