The Ultimate TV Trivia Game TM







Question Categories


Who Said That?  Identify quotes from characters, theme songs and taglines

Where Did It Happen?  Match characters and TV shows to their locations

Blankety Blanks  Fill in the blanks

It’s All Relative  Test knowledge about social, familial and business relationships

Real Life  Answer questions about the people and gossip behind the scenes


Set Up


  1. Punch out the TV Scoring Tokens and place them to the right of the game board.
  2. Place the Moving Piece at START on the game board.
  3. Each player or team chooses a reclining chair (recliner) as their winner spot.
  4. Place the Game Cards face down to the left of the game board.
  5. When playing in teams, each team acts as one player.


Object of the Game


To be the first player to correctly answer seven TV trivia questions and reach his/her recliner.


Playing the Game


  1. The player whose birthday is closest to July 1st (the official start of commercial television in the United States as declared by the FCC) goes first.  S/he rolls the die and moves the Moving Piece clockwise the number of spaces indicated.
  2. The person to the players’ right selects a card and reads the appropriate question.  This is the question that matches the category where the Moving Piece landed.
  3. If the player answers the question correctly, s/he selects a TV token and places it face up on the first circle (marked with a number “1”) in the row leading to his/her colored recliner.  The player’s turn is over, and play shifts to the right.


·        If the player does not answer the question correctly, s/he does not place a TV Token on the game board and the player’s turn is over.  Play shifts to the right.


·        In either case, the person who just read the question becomes the next player to roll the die and move the Moving Piece.



  1. The four recliners are considered spaces on the game board.  When the Moving Piece lands on one of the recliners, s/he skips a turn, unless the recliner is his/her chosen color.  If a player lands on the recliner of his/her color, the player may request and answer a question in any one category of his/her choice.


Winning the Game


The first player to answer seven questions correctly and place a TV Token on his/her recliner wins the game.





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