Villa Paletti



Object of the Game


To successfully move columns to the highest possible level of the Villa Paletti.




-          Green base plate

-          12 Small wood cylinders

-          4 Large wood cylinders

-          4 Hexagon wood pieces

-          5 Flat wood platforms

-          1 Wood die (Master Builder Seal)

-          1 Hook

-          Instructions




A long time ago, a young man named Paletti decided to claim fame and fortune by building the tallest castle in all the land.  But before he could finish, he ran out of money.  He came up with a brilliant plan: take columns from the ground floor to build higher levels.  He called the finished masterpiece, the “Villa Paletti.”


Set Up


Position all of the columns within the green section of the base plate.


Place the largest platform (blue) on top of the columns so that the platform does not extend beyond the borders of the base plate.


Game Play


Choosing Colors


The youngest player rolls the die, known as the Master Builder Seal.  The color shown on the die will be the player’s color for building the Villa Paletti. S/he passes the Seal to the person on his/her left, until all players have been assigned a color.  If a player rolls a color already assigned, the seal is rolled again.


To Start


The last player to roll the die becomes the first Builder.  The Builder removes one of his/her colored columns (freestanding or supporting) from the base plate and places it on top of the platform. Play continues clockwise – the person on the Builder’s left becomes the new Builder.


If the Builder touches a column and then decides not to move it, his/her turn is over.


Columns may not be placed on top of each other.  The only exception is on the final platform (red).  Columns may be stacked on top of one another on the final platform (red).


Note: A player may hold a platform while removing a column.


Placing New Floors


If a Builder believes that no column can be removed without causing the building to fall, s/he suggests adding a new floor (platform).


If an objection is raised, the person who objects (Objector) must now remove a column of his/her choice from below the uppermost floor (top platform).  If the Objector succeeds, he/she takes any column and removes it from the game.  If s/he fails, the Builder who suggested adding a new floor takes any column of the Objector’s color and removes it from the game.


If there are no objections to adding a new floor (platform), the Builder places the next smallest floor (platform) on top of the uppermost columns and his/her turn is over.  The next Builder starts by placing a new column onto the new platform.  The new floor can only be added if supported by at least three (3) columns.  If the Builder succeeds, his/her turn is over and the next player becomes the new Builder.


Scoring/Master Seal


Each column size has a point value (see point value below).  Points are calculated on the uppermost floor only.


Small Round Columns = 1 Point

Large Hexagon Columns = 2 Points

Large Round Columns = 3 Points


Master Seal


Once the green platform has been placed, the contest for the Master Builder’s Seal begins.  The first Builder to place a column on the green platform takes the Seal.


The Seal is taken over by any Builder who gets a better score, by placing a higher point value column, than the current holder.  If two players have the same number of points, the Seal stays with its current owner.


The new Seal holder places the color of the previous owner of the Seal face up.


When a new level (platform) is added, each player’s points return to zero.


Winning the Game


The game ends when the structure collapses, or when no player can build any more.  The winner is the player who owns the Master Builder’s Seal when either occurs, unless that player causes the building to collapse – in which case the winner is the last person to have owned the Seal before the Builder who destroyed Paletti’s Villa, indicated by the color facing up on the Seal.