The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game: Junior TM





            1 Game Board                                       6 What’s Worse? Chips

            170 Game Cards                             6 Playing Pieces

            50 Tool Cards                                       1 Die





To be the first player to reach the Finish space, by using the right tools to respond to disastrous situations.




  1. Punch out the What’s Worse? Chips.  Give one to each player.
  2. Place the Game Cards in their space on the game board.
  3. Shuffle the Tool Cards and deal five to each player.  Players should keep their Tool Cards a secret.  Put the leftover Tool Cards in a stack in the Tool Cards space on the game board.




There are two kinds of Game Cards: Scenario Cards & What’s Worse? Cards.  These two cards are mixed together in one deck.


SCENARIO CARDS:  These cards have a “What to Use” challenge at the top, and the answer at the bottom.  The answer includes a picture of the right tool to use to get out of this sticky situation.


WHAT’S WORSE? CARDS:  These cards give a choice between two rotten things.  When a player draws one of these cards, the other players will try to guess which s/he would choose.




These cards each feature one object that can be used to get out of a terrible situation.  The Wild Card can be played as any of the five tools.  This card can be used when a player thinks s/he knows the answer but doesn’t have that specific card.




The player to the youngest player’s left will be the Reader for the first turn of the game.  The Reader draws a card and reads it aloud.  The card s/he draws decides what happens next…




  1. Read the Card:  If the Reader draws a Scenario Card, s/he should read the top part of the card (in the purple) only.  The part in the white space is the answer, so don’t read it yet.
  2. Play a Tool Card:  After the scenario is read, all players except the Reader look at their Tool Cards, and decide which one will get them out of the scenario.  Each player picks a card and places it face down in front of them.
  3. Explain the Tool:  After everyone has put down a card, each player turns it over and explains why the tool s/he chose would work.  The player to the Reader’s right explains first. (Note:  If a player uses a Wild Card, s/he must say which tool it is supposed to be.  This player only gets the answer right if s/he used the Wild Card as the correct tool.)
  4. Read the Answer:  The Reader then reveals the correct answer.
  5. Roll the Dice:  The player to the Reader’s right rolls the dice.
  6. Move Ahead:
    1. Every player who got the question right moves their pawn ahead on the board the number of spaces on the die.  They discard this winning Tool Card and draw a new one from the pile.  (Note: each player should always have five Tool Cards in their hand.)
    2. Any player who got the question wrong does not move.  S/he puts the Tool Card that didn’t work back in his/her hand.
    3. The Reader does not move.




  1. Read the Card:  The Reader reads the card aloud to the player to his/her right.
  2. Choose:  The player to the Reader’s right is now the Chooser.  S/he must use his/her What’s Worse? Chip to choose one of the options: A or B.  S/he places the side s/he chooses face up in his/her hand and hides it so no one else can see it.
  3. Guess:  All other players put down their What’s Worse? Chip with the answer (A or B) they think the Chooser picked.
  4. Reveal the Answer:  The Chooser opens his/her hand to let everyone see his/her choice.
  5. Move Ahead:
    1. Every player who guessed correctly moves ahead one space.
    2. Every player who guessed incorrectly does not move.
    3. The Chooser moves ahead one space for every player who guessed his/her choice correctly.


After each player’s turn is over, the player to the Reader’s left becomes the new Reader and s/he then selects another card.




The player who reaches the Finish space first wins the game.


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