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Brain Sharpener™

In 2007, we are proud to introduce a new direction in fun and learning with Brain Sharpener™, a book packed with innovative mental exercises designed to boost your brainpower.


The Sudoku book is available now and is the best selling book in Spinner Books™ history. Sudoku is the new international puzzle sensation that is sweeping the US.

We released The Sudoku for Kids Book in the Spring of 2006. This book lets kids in on the fun and introduces them to the craze that is known as "Sudoku".

In 2007, we added two new books to the mix. The Overstuffed Armchair Puzzlers Sudoku Sofa is perfect for all levels of Sudoku solvers, while Do You Sudoku? SPICY is a sizzling collection for seasoned players.

Sudoku means "single number" and involves no math. The objective is to fill a grid of 81 boxes, each divided into nine three-by-three squares, so that every row, column and square contains the digits 1 through 9.