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Madagascar Escape 2 Africa™ Game
Madagascar Escape 2 Africa™ Game

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Take off on a journey of fun with the cast of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa™! Players move their characters across the game board on a trip to Africa. Any time they match a card with the space they are on, they choose a Colorforms® Stick-On™. The Story Board fills up as the matches are made. The more matches, the better the final story. The player to reach Africa with the most matches wins, but everyone wins by creating a unique story every time. The game teaches and enhances memorization, matching and comparison skills. It also encourages young children's imaginations as they build stories around their favorite characters.

Contents include Game board, 15 Picture Cards, 4 Character Game Pieces, Spinner, Story Board, Sheet of 15 Colorforms® Stick-Ons™ and Instructions. For 2-4 players. Ages 5 & up.
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