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What's Cookin'?
What's Cookin'?

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The Ultimate Party Game for Cooks, Foodies & Friends.

Ever show up for a dinner party and the meal isn't ready? Here's the game you can play while you hang out in the kitchen, waiting for dinner.

Do you know where Babka comes from? Can you draw a cheese grater? Would you know where to find Katz's Delicatessen?

Whether you're a true food fanatic or just like to cook, this party game will have everyone laughing. Each of the five categories - What's Cookin'?, What's A Spatula?, Melting Pot, Renowned Restaurants and Foodie First - are so diverse that no matter what you're good at, each dinner guest will be a star. It's the perfect recipe for pre-dinner fun!

Contents include over 700 Questions, Sand Timer, Die, Dry Erase Pens & boards, Dry Erase Score Card, 4 Group Play Chips, 1 Bonus Token & Instructions. For 4 or more adult players.
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