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Adopt the eccentric habits of your tribe and evolve (or not!) through the ages. Rediscover your prehistoric communication skills (miming, clay modeling, primitive speaking and charcoal sketching) to help the members of your tribe guess words and move ahead in this fantastic adventure! Give in to your primal instincts and let them lead you to victory! Only the caveperson who evolves happily to the stage of Homo sapiens will win the game.

Game contains Game board, 12 Tribal cards, 135 Wutzdat? Cards, 6 Boulder play pieces, Timer, Charcoal stick, Modeling clay, Primitive language sheet, Fact booklet and Rules. For 3 or more players. Ages 8 & up.

Eco-Friendly Product
  • Recycled and recyclable papers and cardboard
  • Vegetable-based printing inks
  • Water-based varnishes
  • Non-toxic components
  • Box design minimized glue

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