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Chicks Battle the Dudes
Chicks Battle the Dudes

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A Face-Off to see who is the smarter sex... test your knowledge of your "better half." When talking fashion or Brad Pitt's love life, the chicks clearly know more. But do they know which Clint Eastwood movie launched him to fame? This team game is designed to bring men and women together, showing that no matter how gender-neutral we try to be, our brains click in on different subjects. Women are asked questions that most men can answer, and the men are asked questions that most women can answer. But there may be a few surprises! The board is designed to be a tug-of-war contest. Pull the rope with each right answer. The first team to pull its opponents into the center of the board wins the game. But watch out - the challenge cards give both sexes a chance to come out on top! For 2 or more players.
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