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Juego de Shopping Mall - Fashion Shopping Mall Game
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Juego de Shopping Mall - Fashion Shopping Mall Game

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A kid's favorite from Mexico, it's Jeugo de Shopping Mall. Have fun shopping for clothes and accessories at the mall in Montecarlo, where you win by getting the best deals! Choose to play one of 4 characters; each girl has different plans for this weekend, such as going out to a restaurant, a dinner party, a night club or a party. All of them will go shopping at the Shopping Fashion Mall to buy clothes and other accessories so they look their best for their event. To win you have to be the first girl to complete 6 purchases while trying to get the best prices. Getting good deals on your purchases will keep you from spending time going to the bank to withdraw money. As in all malls, unexpected things can happen like discovering an item is sold out. Your skill and luck will be factors that lead to success. Be the first to leave the mall with all your items at the best prices to win the game! Bilingual instructions included.
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