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Buck Hunt Brainteaser Puzzle
Buck Hunt Brainteaser Puzzle

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Deer hunting (also known as buck hunting) was popular in ancient Rome and Egypt. In addition to hunting food, these cultures valued a prize buck. Modern buck hunting continues the tradition. Today the most sought-after North American species is the white-tailed deer and the mule deer. The most notable difference between the two appear in the ears, tail, antler shape and body size. Great technique and concentration are required to be a good hunter - two skills also essential in solving this puzzle.

The object of this puzzle is to slide the puzzle pieces to move the buck and drop the red ball buckshot into the hole that is hidden behind the hunter in the photograph.

For 1 player, ages 8 and up.

Contents Include: 10 wood tiles, 1 red buckshot ball, wooden top cover and instructions.
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