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Spinner Books™

Spinner Books for Kids: 2 Book Set
Spinner Books for Kids: 2 Book Set

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Double your fun with two books in one! This 2-book set features Spinner Books based on the popular board games Totally Gross and Kids Battle the Grown Ups. Great fun for the whole family, these books can be played with others or alone, at home or on the go. In Totally Gross, a dose of gross helps science make sense. Did you know that snot keeps your lungs clean, or that some bullfrogs are cannibals? Readers will learn this and more as they spin the spinner, answer queasy questions, and absorb funky facts. In Kids Battle the Grown-Ups, trivia questions designed to stump different age groups make the game as challenging for adults as it is for kids. A family tug of war has never been so much fun! Spinner Books are fun to read, play, and share. Pick them up and take them for a spin!
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