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Armchair Puzzlers Book - Overstuffed
Armchair Puzzlers Book - Overstuffed

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This Overstuffed collection is a combination of 4 popular Armchair Puzzler Books: Crosswords, Word Puzzles, Cryptograms, and Word Searches. It's loaded with over 200 fun, challenging, and clever puzzles that will keep your brain busy for hours! The Crosswords section features dozens of perplexing puzzles covering a variety of topics such as movies, sports, toys, puns, pets, and more. The Word Puzzles section has tricky fill-ins, acrostics, anagrams, and more. In Cryptograms, the clever conundrums will bend your brain for hours on end, and finally, Word Searches provides dozens of baffling puzzles ranging from types of dogs to types of franks and beans. Sitting down doesn't mean you're a slouch - so grab a pencil, sink back, and solve away!
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