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Armchair Puzzlers Book - Overstuffed Baffling Puzzlers
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Armchair Puzzlers Book - Overstuffed Baffling Puzzlers

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Four baffling Armchair Puzzler books have been combined into one Overstuffed collection! Kick back and dive into the puzzles contained in Brainteasers, Symbol Simon, Secret Identities, and Optical Teasers. Over 200 puzzles in all will tease your brain and keep you enthralled for hours. Brainteasers will baffle you with its riddles and conundrums, while Symbol Simon has you sound out symbols and pictures to solve a puzzle. Secret Identities provides clever clues and fascinating facts about the little known other accomplishments of famous people, and the variety of Optical Teasers will keep you blurry-eyed and mystified. Who says sitting down means you're a slouch? Not us!
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